Check that the extract and/or illustrations/figures that you want to use are from a Pearson india title
published in India. If they originate in any other geography or belong to Pearson assessment products,
please request permission using these details instead:

Check the credits, acknowledgements, and notes on the copyright page or at the back of the publication. Copyright in photographs, illustrations, and poems usually belongs to the photographer, illustrator, or poet rather than the publisher. Copyright in quotes made by historical/well-known figures rarely belongs to the publisher. We don't have access to published copies of all of our books and are unable to check this material on your behalf. If material is attributed to another source, person or institution, please contact the cited party.

For translation or licensing rights in an entire text of a work, see Global rights licensing.

Use the appropriate form below to submit your request, or email us your standard permission form. Note that any required information not submitted with the request may result in delays.

If the requested extract is substantial, we may charge a fee at our discretion.

Requests may take up to four weeks for us to process. We ask you to avoid sending repeat requests. You must not assume consent on the basis of not having received a response within your specified time frame.


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