The World’s Learning Company

Pearson has been at the forefront of education across the world since 1844 starting from Yorkshire in the North of England. Today, with presence in over 70 countries around the world, Pearson has been spearheading the way the world is learning and offers a range of products and services across the entire learner journey. We launched our India operations in 1997 and have over 7000+ schools and universities along with other educational partners.

Our vision is to Empower Human Progress through Learning. Being a leader in the industry, we have always believed it is our responsibility to ensure that learning keeps pace with the evolving times and the demands that will be placed on the learners when they enter the workforce of tomorrow. From ensuring that we get the best content for our learners from across the globe to professional growth and business mentorship, we have products across the entire learning curve of an individual, right from the first book in school.

 By infusing digital learning solutions and AI into our products we have raised the bar of education for all the stakeholders. We have always believed in shouldering the responsibility in the space of learning and have introduced various modules and programs for the training of educators as well, thus developing a complete ecosystem and ensuring upskilling with new-age learning methodologies. Our feedback-based intelligent teaching systems ensure that teachers are equipped with the latest technology and the impact of teaching is micro-analysed for best results.

Be it school, college, competitive exams, language proficiency, professional programs or achieving your aspiration to move abroad, all our products across the entire landscape are perfectly blended with technology to provide holistic learning solutions with authentic interactive content to enhance the knowledge of learners.

Our mission is to help people make progress in their lives through learning and thus keeping pace with the changing demands of the future workforce. At each stage, we empower learners with a safe and future-ready blended learning environment that gives their ambitions the stimulus they need.

Pearson is committed to constantly discover, learn, improve and enable our learners to continue the path of ALWAYS LEARNING