Enviornment Sustainbility Approach

Pearson announced in early 2007 a commitment to become climate neutral for its then businesses, with a view to completing that globally by the end of 2009. We have achieved that goal and each year, we review, renew and refresh our climate neutral commitment. Our broad strategy remains the same and is based on three key areas: 

Measure:  We have an established, independently-verified process to measure our climate footprint relating to our buildings and from business travel. We also continue to work on assessing our total carbon footprint.  

Reduce:   We cut the CO2e we release from our buildings and business travel. We have introduced energy-efficient design across our buildings, further invested in alternatives to business travel such as video conferencing, as well as looked at renewable energy where we can.  

Offset:   In 2014, whatever emissions we have not been able to reduce or avoid during that year are offset by supporting a range of projects that either save or absorb a tonne of carbon for each tonne that we emit. We have established partnerships to do this. 

To find out more about our approach download our environment report.