Overall there are 16 award categories; 10 in school, 4 in higher education and 2 in common.


Excellence in teaching :  There are 10 Awards under this category – 5 for private/public schools and 5 for government schools – 1 each under the following:

Languages (Any official Indian language) : Excellence in teaching Indian languages would be recognized under this category – teachers of all official languages are eligible to apply.

Art, Music, Drama : Excellence in imparting knowledge of various Indian Art forms would be recognized under this category – this includes Art, Craft, Dance, Music and Theatre.

Mathematics :  Excellence in teaching Mathematics through innovative and interesting methods would be recognized under this category.

Science:  Excellence in teaching Science (including Physics, Chemistry and Biology) with high levels of engagement and practical demonstration would be recognized under this category.

Social Studies: Excellence in teaching Social Studies (including Geography, History and Civics) through engaging  activities and learning models would be recognized under this category.

Higher Education

Innovation in teaching (4 awards) : This award identifies teachers who have devised or implemented innovative methods, techniques or tools to deliver measurable learning in highly participative, interactive and exciting ways. There would be 4 Awards under this category – 2 for under-graduation course teachers (private and government) and 2 for post-graduation course teachers (private and government)

Common Awards (Across all education institutions)

Teaching Excellence in Sports: Excellence in developing Physical Education activities and exemplary coaching of Sports would be recognized  under this category.

Outstanding contribution to special Learners: This award identifies passionate teachers who strive to connect to children with special needs and elicit their participation and creative potential. These children may include one or more types of physically disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or any other type of developmental or learning delay.

Teacher of the year: Jury would select one male and one female award for this category after screening applications for all other categories. No separate nominations would be invited for “Teacher of the year” of the award.