The Pearson Teaching Awards took place in the year 2012, 2013 & 2014. There was one standard nomination form for all the award categories; however applicants needed to clearly specify the award segment and award categories. Jury selected one male and one female award recipient from all nominations. Nomination form could be submitted online as well as through email. Multiple forms were to be filled and submitted for each category a teacher was applying to.  

Pre-Jury Process

The list of pre-Jury members was approved by the India Didactics Association Awards Committee. During the evaluation process, no new nominations were allowed.

Grand Jury Process

The list of Grand Jury members was approved by the India Didactics Association Awards Committee. This final list of nominations shortlisted by Pre-Jurors formed the base list of nominations for Grand Jury. All decisions were arrived at by voting. If Jurors did not find enough nominations of adequate quality, then they may vote to “not announce any winner” for that category.

Jury Evaluation Criteria

Total number of students who have benefited.

 Innovation in teaching methods, techniques, elements, tools, exercises, group activities and content.

Impact of teaching on the students. How did students benefit in terms of academics, professional, social contribution and other areas of excellence?

  • Challenges and difficulties experienced while teaching students.
  •  Additional responsibilities and achievements.
  •  Alumni achievements (including academic, extra-curricular, professional).
  •  Qualification, additional qualification, workshops, articles published.
  •  Other Professional achievements.
  •  Four Referrals
  1. Institute Head/Management
  2. Senior Faculty
  3. Student Alumni
  4. Current student or their parents