Professional assessments and certifications

From primary to secondary to professional certification, our qualifications, curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programmes help to educate millions of people worldwide. We also provide professional development and training products and services that help employees and businesses grow and compete in the global marketplace.

Our work includes: 

• Customized online courses and training programs to advance employees’ skill sets and improve productivity.

• Informal resources promoting on-the-job learning in the workplace.

 • Assessments to determine capabilities gaps and recognize achievements.

• Business English language training to help individuals and organizations improve professional communication. 

World Class Qualifications & Certifications

Our World Class Qualifications programme brings experts together to develop qualifications that will support young people around the globe to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. A panel of international teachers, education reformers and assessment experts oversee the reform of Pearson's certifications – making sure that all our qualifications are guaranteed passports to progression.

Qualifications stay with you for a lifetime - not just the grade that one achieves, but the learning, knowledge and skills that achieving it represents.


How do you reach every learner in increasingly diverse classrooms? By successfully identifying each students’ varied strengths and needs, planning appropriate instruction that keeps them engaged, and helping them break through to increased performance.  

Assessments designed by Pearson help measure Learner Progress. It helps assess what students have learned and how they perform, and then act on it to help them succeed. Our solutions deliver reliable data to objectively evaluate progress on national and state standards, measure student progress toward high academic standards, and assess the abilities that directly relate to success in school or professional careers.