Pearson MyPedia Achievement Test is a test of global standards to help you gauge the academic competencies of your child. It not only measures what they know, but also assesses what they are able to do with that knowledge.

This test is launched by Pearson – the global leader in assessment solutions like Stanford Achievement Test in the past. Mapped to the Indian curriculum and learning standards, the MyPedia Achievement Test introduces reliable and valid means to measure students’ understanding and skills across scholastic areas. In addition, it provides prompt feedback to students, and delivers detailed report cards. 

Why MyPedia Achievement Test?

The MyPedia Achievement Test requires learners to be thinkers, problem solvers and creators. It is an enquiry-based and experimental test that embraces individual differences. You get:

  • Detailed & accurate feedback on cognitive skills
  • Flexible online test window
  • Exciting prizes and awards for top performers
  • Content is aligned to state and national standards.
  • It allow you to compare student performance with that of a representative sample of students across the country.
  • Test design reflects curricula and best instructional practices.
  • Unique & easy-to-navigate



  • Instant report cards
  • Detailed and accurate feedback on cognitive skills
  • Flexible online test window


  • Comprehensive feedback
  • Outlining of learning gaps, if any
  • Assessment of listening skills and higher order cognitive skills


  • Comprehensive reports on students’ performance in relation to regional and national level performances
  • Mapping of students’ latent potentials and identification of growth areas