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MyInsights is an adaptive assessment engine that adapts to each learner’s level of knowledge to bring them to where they need to be When preparing for IIT JEE.

MyInsights is powered by an algorithm which challenges and engages a student's mind by adapting to his/her learning level.

It progressively questions a student on a particular concept, if the student responds correctly, the next question presented is marginally more difficult than the previous one, which enables the student to self-learn the concept gradually and thoroughly.

Why MyInsights?

Adaptive assessment

Adaptive practice on scientific tests driven by research

Personalised approach

Provides a unique learning path to each learner

Comprehensive reports

Tailor made dashboard with students detailed performance report

Quick feedback

Instant personalised feedback, shortens the duration of assessment feedback cycle

What it offers?

Pearson MyInsights - IIT JEE Online Adaptive Assessment
Assessment for Class 11 Activation Key Card
₹ 3,499 (Inclusive of GST)


  • 40+ Chapter Tests
  • 10 Mock Tests
  • 200+ Topic Tests 
  • 10 Years' JEE Papers with Solutions

Pearson MyInsights - IIT JEE Online Adaptive Assessment
Assessment for Class 11 & 12- Activation Key Card
₹ 5,999 (Inclusive of GST)


  • 20,000+ Questions
  • 80+ Chapter Tests
  • 20 Mock Tests
  • 500+ Topic Tests
  • 10 Years' JEE Papers with Solutions

How MyInsights works? The adaptive Journey to IIT JEE



"Very good experience! The questions were from main examination and it made me revise my class XI basics"


"I think the product is perfect. I want to use it for my test preparation. I want to see a few other online tests which will help me in my preparation of JEE"


"The tests are very good. there are more questions at the topic level...which are good for knowing exact pain point"


"Preview questions with step by step solution is the best feature. I can exactly know the difficulty level of the question"