How it works

Pearson English Placement has a broad range of question types, giving learners the best chance to show their English skills.

From choosing the correct option to writing answers in an open question, our questions are similar to the tasks learners will have done in the classroom. 

This means that each question should feel familiar, giving learners the best chance to show their English skills.



To demonstrate reading skills, learners will be asked to: 

  • Read and understand the main points from signs, newspapers and magazines 
  • Understand the detail of short texts 
  • Understand the detail in longer texts 


To demonstrate listening skills, learners will be asked to:

  • Listen for specific information in listening texts 
  • Show understanding of meaning in context and the detail of short dialogues 
  • Follow and understand short texts and show understanding




To demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary, learners will be asked to:  

  • Produce words which relate to common themes and topics such as family, work and social situations
  • Use appropriate words in different contexts 
  • Show an understanding of the different meaning of words and how they relate to other words


To demonstrate knowledge of grammar, learners will be asked to:

  • Choose the right word or phrase to make an accurate ki sentence
  • Understand the difference between different grammatical tenses and other structures 
  • Put words in the right order to make grammatical sense 




To demonstrate writing skills, learners will be asked to write accurately what they hear using correct sentence structure, word order and connectors.


To demonstrate speaking skills, learners will be asked to:

  • Speak clearly using appropriate stress and intonation
  • Pronounce words so that they can be understood
  • Describe pictures or other visual material connecting   ideas together accurately and with a range of language


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