Real-life questions to give
students the best chance
of success

Many placement tests simply use true-or-false or multiple-choice questions. Our placement test uses a variety of questions to give students the best chance of showcasing their English skills.

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Testing every single question with a global team of experts

To create a question for Pearson English Placement, we work with a team of experts from the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong.

We field-test each question with over 13,000 volunteers. If we discover that questions are not working as expected, we remove them from our test

Calibration with 13,000 volunteers

Pearson English Placement was calibrated with over 13,000 volunteers from 96 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Poland, Panama, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Guatemala, Japan and Thailand. 

Each response was reviewed and calibrated to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.


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