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Let PTE Academic Take You To The USA

PTE scores are widely appreciated by majority of colleges and institutions in the United States. PTE is amongst the most popular exams students opt to study in the USA. More than 1000 colleges and institutions in the United States acknowledge PTE scholars, including American National University, Yale University, New York University, Harvard University, California State University, etc.

You can accelerate your admission process with the PTE scores for the top universities to study in the USA. You must consult with each institution individually to determine their aggregate criteria. There are more than 80 test centers in 33 states across the United States, and more than 250 centers worldwide. Through these centers, you can choose one according to your interest. Since our computerized scoring is independent of the center from where you take the PTE Academic exam, you will get the most accurate results. Now, with the help of PTE Academic you can fulfil your dreams of studying in the USA even without IELTS.

Reasons To Study In USA

The USA has a unique fascination and has constantly been drawing talented students. Studying at a university in the United States would provide students with many opportunities they will not have in other countries.

Why you opt for the USA over other countries for pursuing higher studies -

  • Academic Excellence - The USA brags of some of the magnificent universities across the globe. About 50% of the world’s top universities are located in the USA. Out of these universities, the majority regularly rank at the top of the world university rankings.
  • Flexible Education System - Students studying in the United States can not only have the right to choose the major according to their interests, but they also have the freedom to structure it by themselves.In other countries, declaring a field of study when applying for university and college is essential. However, in the United States, it is not required to disclose a major until completing the second year. It will assist students in exploring their academic preferences before deciding on a major.
  • Career Opportunities - Pursuing an international degree from a reputed university can pioneer a wide range of career possibilities due to the knowledge of new perspectives on culture, language skills, an excellent education, and a willingness to learn.
  • Lively and Vibrant Campus Life - It is acknowledged that U.S. universities have a peerless campus life. Regardless of the university, you study at, you will discover yourself in distinct cultural backgrounds and the American lifestyle.


Eligibility Requirements to Study in the USA

Since the academic institutes in the USA are the top institutes for their class education, they have their criteria for picking up international students for study. Due to this, the universities and institutes also have a strict set of eligibility standards, so only the excellent talent can take admittance.

Mentioned below are the primary eligibility criteria to study in the United States for Indian students -

Note: For postgraduate programs, there are different computation tests for a master’s degree based on the courses student opted for, i.e., MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, that is certain to medical, management/business, and law courses. On the other side, GRE is the exam accepted for both the engineering and M.S. programs in the USA.


Cost Of Studying In The USA

Before leaving India, you should ensure that you acknowledge expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage, and travel simultaneously with your tuition fee while assessing the expected cost of studying in the U.S.

Study Program
Approximate tuition fees in USD$

Undergraduate Degree
$15,000 to $40,000 per year

Graduate programs
$20,000 to $40,000 per year

Doctoral Degree
$20,000 to $45,000 per year

Points which you should consider for calculating your expenditure while going to study in the USA are -

  • Primary Expenditure - Tuition expenses of international students are contingent on non-resident costs. It will cost you approximately $10,000 to $55,000 annually to cover your tuition fees.


  • Accommodation Costs - While some U.S. universities offer on-campus accommodation to international students, they can also opt for off-campus accommodation. The rentals may also vary based on the area and city you choose to live in. Living off-campus may cost you more due to the additional bill payments, such as electricity, internet, water usage, and tenant's insurance (in some areas of housing).

    The accommodation fee in the USA will cost you around $6,000 and $14,000 per year.
  • Cost Of Your Student Visa - When one decides to study overseas, the first and only thing that comes to mind is a visa. It has its expenses, which is approximately $160 for a Visa application fee.
  • Health Insurance - Medical insurance is the obligatory part for every student while traveling to the USA. They must get their insurance done before the commencement of their academic session. Many universities and colleges in the USA provide health insurance for international students.

Admission Cycles In The USA

Students only have an opportunity to take part once a year in Indian universities but trebled for the students with the universities and colleges of the United States in an academic year.The admission cycle in the U.S. is different from India. It is classified into three parts, i.e., spring, fall, and summer. These are the phases of the U.S. admission cycle for the students.

  1. Fall - According to the U.S. academic year, the fall term is the first semester, which begins in the month of August. It is approximately a 13-week term that almost finishes in the last week of December or the first and second week of January. It is seen that most of the rush in the application process comes under the fall cycle, due to which the admission process begins one year before the students join the course. The application period runs from September to December, April to May, and May to August.
  2. Winter - If the students cannot fill the application form in the fall, they can try for the spring cycle. Usually, we all know that the spring term begins in January and terminates in May. This semester is the next most favored term between the students, and that moment, students seeking admission in U.S. colleges and universities.
    Though the spring application mode is higher than in the fall, the submission period starts in September, November, and January.
  3. Summer - In the U.S., summer stands the scantiest term as compared to the fall and spring cycles. In this cycle, the application process commences from the month of June. Some colleges and universities are limits to taking admission this month.


*Information related to fees, scoring etc are tentative, please refer the respective university/college or government website before you apply for the same.