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  • Olivia’s Chevening dream: a decade in the making

    The Chevening scholarship is a route to studying in the UK for people all over the world. It offers the brightest and best the opportunity to study for a Master’s at a British university. Since 1983, Chevening has helped over 50,000 professionals pursue their studies and become leaders within their communities and sectors.

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  • How to prepare for student life in the UK

    Deciding to study in the UK is a big step. It’s only natural to be nervous when you move to a country in which the food, language, culture and weather are completely different to what you’re used to. But once you have settled into your new situation, studying in the UK will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

    So how can you conquer your fears? Although it might not be possible to plan for everything, here are some ways to prepare for international student life in the UK:

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  • What you need to know about studying in the UK after Brexit

    Before Brexit, EU students enjoyed the freedom of movement to study, work and live across the European Union. The United Kingdom was a popular study destination for thousands of EU students, who were able to study at UK universities under the same conditions as British students.

    But after Brexit, the rules have changed. Students now need visas, university fees have changed. There are also additional considerations for EU students to think about, like healthcare, and employment while studying. Let’s take a look at what it’s like for EU students to study in the UK after Brexit.

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  • 10 British cultural events for international students

    UK culture and traditions are rich and diverse – and it’s not all about drinking tea at 5 o’clock, we promise. There are lots of British festivals and events, and you’ll never find yourself stuck for things to see and do. If you’re studying at a British university, you’ll definitely want to make your time as memorable as possible.

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  • A practical guide to moving to the UK as a student

    Studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime. You’ll have an untold number of opportunities, make friends, grow your network and broaden your horizons. But there are nerves too – and lots of questions before you start packing your bags.

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  • 5 ways a UK university degree will boost your career

    Thinking about taking an undergraduate or master’s degree in the UK? You wouldn’t be alone! Hundreds of thousands of international students benefit from the UK higher education system.

    With exciting UK internships, career opportunities, and a robust academic programme, there are lots of reasons to choose Britain as a study destination.

    Your investment of time and money will be sure to pay off. But if you’re still not sure why you should study in the UK, here are five ways a British university degree can boost your career opportunities.  

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  • How to create a budget for studying in the UK

    Attending university in the UK is a fantastic opportunity, but it requires resources. If you’re considering studying abroad, it’s important to research the UK cost of living carefully, and then plan your budget accordingly.

    We’ve created a simple guide to help you get an idea what to think about when it comes to researching the living expenses in the UK for international students. You’ll be able to get organised before you head off on your international adventure!

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