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  • Studying abroad? Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind!

    Study abroad

    With thousands of universities across the globe offering overseas students a chance at personal, academic and professional growth, it is no wonder that many students aspire to study abroad. However, due to the high cost of gaining such an education, it is extremely important conduct thorough re-search before choosing a university. Let’s look at some of the factors that should be kept in mind before applying abroad:

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  • Smart Classes - Why your school should adopt this innovative teaching methodology?

    Smart Class

    Our world is becoming smarter by the day with our phones, gadgets and now even our homes! Now it is time for our classrooms to become smarter, too. Implementing a smart class solution in your school may seem like a daunting proposition that is expensive to boot, but in fact, the advantages of these innovative teaching methodologies can only help your school reap great benefits. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a smart class is the best bet for your school:

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  • Chalk Talk vs Smart Boards - What's better and why?

    Smart Boards

    For most of us, classroom education was limited to the traditional blackboard and chalk. The stark contrast of black on white (coloured for special subjects or topics) was the mode of learning and through which generations of stu-dents have  gained an education. With the arrival of a new, technological age, several schools and educational institutions started the shift to white-boards. Now, instead of coating the entire class in a fine layer of chalk dust, teachers could easily use markers to teach their students important concepts. Shortly, smart boards were introduced. These technologically advanced learning systems allowed lessons to be taught with colourful 3D diagrams, videos and other immersive learning methods. But is old still gold? How does a traditional blackboard compare with an interactive smart board? Let’s find out!

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  • What to Pack When Moving Abroad?


    Moving to a new country can be a challenging experience for most people. Deciding on what to keep and what to give away can be a stressful experience for all of us, especially those who are sentimentally bound to their belongings. But have no fear! Here’s an international move packing list to help you pack easily and efficiently for your new adventure abroad!

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  • Future of the Classrooms – Things to Expect from Smart Classes

    Smart class

    Humans are visual creatures. What we learn from being taught visually is retained better than something that is read out to us. This why the technology of smart classes is such a boon for the students of the 21st century. Let’s take a look at what students and teachers can expect from a digital classroom.

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose Australia for Your Higher Education

    Higher education

    Studying abroad may feel like quite a daunting experience for most students and making the choice of country to study even more so. While every country has its own benefits and drawbacks, there is one country that stands out in its welcoming nature towards international students, Australia. Here are just ten of the many reasons why you could choose Australia to study abroad.

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  • An Entrepreneur’s Job is to take Risk – Right? Perhaps NOT!

    Enterpreneurs job

    We have all read about the risks in entrepreneurship, heard about them, seen people take them (or at least closely observed a dear friend who took several risks in his entrepreneurial journey). We have all seen the elusive successes and also heard the stories of crashed-and-burned. For those of us who harbour entrepreneurial ambitions, what does this mean? That Zero Moment of Truth (Z.M.O.T.) when one has to take a call of leaving his job, breaking his bank or making a crucial decision on whether to invest money in product or marketing – is overwhelming to many. This essay addresses the concept of risk in this context.

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    Chain supply

    With the emerging technological advancements and fundamental shifts in supply chain activities, it is safe to say that the supply chain landscape is not the same as it was a decade ago. New evolutions in technology such as 3-D printing, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and omni-channel retailing have brought about tremendous change in supply chain management.
    Take the e-commerce giant Amazon for example, which has been working on a drone-based delivery system. The retail corporation Walmart has also developed a global satellite system that collects and shares its real-time store data. While these companies have taken that early step towards redefining their supply chain for optimal success in the future, most industries are finding it difficult to prepare themselves for today’s ever-evolving, exponentially more complex supply chain industry.The question is why?
    According to industry analysts and experts, so much progress so quickly calls for new skills in supply chain management and leadership. Unfortunately, most supply chain organizations are unable to meet this demand currently.
    Hence, the need of the hour is an advanced workforce who can integrate innovation and technology with their working knowledge of supply chain tools, activities, and goals to carry out strategic, higher-level supply chain activities in the very near future.
    Here are some skills that are required for a new-age supply chain manager:

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    Speaking skills

    When it is time to climb the corporate ladder, one of the most sought-after skills that will help you on your ascent is the art of public speaking. Be it pitching your ideas in a meeting or motivating the team; speaking effectively is the key to connect with your audience. From Steve Jobs to Indra Nooyi, nearly every leader around the world brings impeccable oratorical skills to the table.

    Even though public speaking is a challenging game to perfect, practice can go a long way to help you get things right. As you work towards becoming an effective orator, you will realize that it really is the little things that matter.

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    Machines emulating human interactions was just an idea once confined to Sci-Fi movies. However, since the dawn of the ‘intelligent machines’ in 1950s, science has come quite far in making Artificial Intelligence (AI) a ubiquitous reality today. From voice-powered personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa to fundamental and underlying technologies like behavioural algorithms and suggestive searches, AI has seeped its way into our lives in forms which once seemed implausible.

    Today, there are numerous practical applications of AI. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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