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  • Civil Services General Studies Paper-2 Analysis

    Civil Services General Studies Paper-2 is a complex exam due to its integrated, closely knit and current oriented syllabus. There are very simple and straightforward conclusions which can be drawn from the paper. The points may sound cliched, monotonous and repetitive but they are secret to crack this exam.

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  • Civil Services General Studies Paper-1 Analysis

    Civil Services Main Examination 2019 is over and has left most of the candidates in speculation. At this juncture it is pertinent to know and analyze the paper by examining one’s own performance. The beauty of this exam is it is subjective as well as relative. Excessive thinking about the results is sheer wastage of time. If you clear Main Exam, Personality Test will be the last leap but in case you fall out, next year is waiting. It can be a blessing in disguise as there will be more time to hone your skills and strengthen the weaker areas.

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