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    The best educational environments are those that are fair to all students, male or female.

    Gender messages are all around us. From images in school books to those on bus ads, from conversations on the train or the big screen, from clothing stores in malls or any plush office. Everywhere we turn, we are submerged in messages about what it means to be a “correct” or “normal” woman or man. Gender is everywhere. 

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  • Data Science: Our Ultimate Weapon Against COVID-19?

    Data Science: Our Ultimate Weapon Against COVID-19

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the COVID-19 to be a pandemic. With shutdowns everywhere, the deadly virus has almost brought the world to a standstill, apart from taking thousands of lives. Already having affected over 219,345 people across the globe and close to 171 people in India, this virus still doesn’t seem to have peaked and can potentially cause more disruptions than it already has. To make matters worse, the disease is highly contagious, making it incredibly important to come up with quick solutions. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Data Science come into the picture.

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  • 5 Tips For First Time Managers

    5 Tips For First Time Managers

    Congratulations! All those long working hours and hard work have finally paid off, and you have climbed the ladder to earn your first managerial role. This is the time for new responsibilities, new powers, and not to mention, new challenges. Although the chances are that you are already equipped with the skills needed to become a good manager, considering you were chosen to take up this responsibility. Here are ten tips that can be useful for you if you’re becoming a manager for the first time.  

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  • How To Balance CBSE Board Exam And JEE 2020 Preparation?

    The CBSE Board Examination and JEE can safely be called two of the most life-changing examinations an engineering aspirant has to take. While the board examination tests a student’s grasp of fundamental concepts, JEE is known to test a whole set of different skillsets. Since both of these examinations are conducted at almost the same time, the catch is to strike a balance between the two. Here we talk about a few tips that will help a student perform well in both these exams. 

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