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  • Effective Ways To Take Online Assessments For Competitive Examination Aspirants

    Preparing for a competitive exam can be an incredibly daunting experience. Aspirants are required to cover an extensive syllabus and learn complex concepts in a short amount of time. While coaching centres can provide a helping hand and guide students in the right direction, the present crisis in the world doesn’t allow students to attend their regular classes. However, an effective and convenient solution to this issue is utilizing online solutions.

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  • The All-New MyPedia Skill Can Be The New Fun Way To Learn English

    In today’s world, having a command over the English language has become incredibly important. No matter what your age-group might be, being fluent in English can be a great boost to your confidence and can help you in expressing yourself better. While there can be many ways in which you can learn English, interactive measures have proven to be quite effective in ensuring that your learning has a lasting impact. Keeping this in mind, Pearson recently launched MyPedia Skill in collaboration with Amazon Alexa.

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  • JEE Adv last 7 years paper analysis

    JEE Advanced has been constantly looking to update and enhance the level of the examinations. In general, JEE Advanced tries to test your understanding of the application of concepts and higher-order thinking. Every year they come up with some new challenges for you. So, to help you out with this, our team of subject matter experts have come up with the analysis of the last 7 years of JEE Advanced papers, wherein they have analyzed the level of the questions, the chapters of all subjects from which most questions are usually asked, and so on.

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