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  • Boost your JEE Preparation with IIT-JEE Foundation Series

    In India, to be an IIT graduate or an IIT student is momentous. It is a stepping stone for many engineering aspirants. These institutes are built to offer a competitive learning environment and a bright future to their students. Every year, over a million students in India take IIT entrance exams. Even though there are limited seats, the enthusiasm is the same every single year.

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  • CAT Preparation 2021: Strategy, Books, Toppers Tips

    Every year, lakhs of students either start preparing for their post-graduation studies or are about to appear for their entrance exams for further academics. One huge part of these belongs to the students who prepare for CAT exams.

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  • CTET 2021: Tips and Strategies to Prepare for CTET Exam

    Each year a lot of aspirants come forward to prepare academically for a career in teaching. The only eligibility criteria for becoming a qualified and certified teacher is by appearing for CTET exams, i.e., the Central Teaching Eligibility Test, which is administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education of India.

    CTET is a national-level eligibility test conducted twice a year. This entrance exam is bilingual, which gives candidates the option of choosing either Hindi or English as their language. Before 2021, the examination was conducted online. But CTET 2021, the 15th edition of this exam, will be conducted online. In fact, from this year, this entrance exam will be conducted online. The goal is to get aspiring teachers accustomed to digital technology.

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  • Online Vs. Traditional School: Which Is The Better Choice?

    The lockdown of Covid-19 has completely changed the education game. Being in college was once associated with dorm rooms and lecture halls but now most people are opting for online classes because of convenience. There are pros and cons to both learning systems so let us explore those points so you can choose the one that is more suited to your needs.

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  • The value of skills and workforce development in India

    India has an immense requirement for a skilled workforce with its growing economy, ever-changing technology, and increasing international trade. To develop a skilled workforce, there is a need to adapt skill-based educational practices. Recognising the value of skill development is a requisite for the competitive job market. Skill development can be defined as the time invested in improving proficiency to stay future-ready and be able to complete a task with higher rates of success at the right time. Skill development is an essential practice as skills determine one's ability to execute their plans with success.

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  • esports: Workforce skills in e-sports, its emergence, and scope in India

    When we think of sports, we imagine a scene from our favourite cricket match or an iconic goal in football, or a range of other physical games which require exceptional skills and athletic ability for playing. However, the realm of esports is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment and competition in the country. The esports sector is still in a developing stage in India while emerging trends lead to the fact that this industry is all set to grow by leaps and bounds and will soon rival the traditional sports leagues in India.

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