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  • Boost your JEE Preparation with IIT-JEE Foundation Series

    In India, to be an IIT graduate or an IIT student is momentous. It is a steppingstone for many engineering aspirants. These institutes are built to offer a competitive learning environment and a bright future to their students. Every year, over a million students in India take IIT entrance exams. Even though there are limited seats, the enthusiasm is the same every single year.

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  • 20 Reasons Why Digital Learning is the Future of Education

    Conventional education has gone through tremendous changes in the recent past. With the pandemic outbreak, the world witnessed a massive swing in educational methods. Plus, we saw how digital methods came to the rescue. Access to the internet and a smartphone or computer can make education accessible from any corner of the world. E-learning not only benefits students by allowing them to keep learning without interruptions, but also helps educators reach out to students. Furthermore, it helps them excel in their teaching skills too.

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  • What Is the Concept Of An E-library? How Is It Useful?

    A digital library, also known as an e-library, is a collection of documents in an organized digital form, available on the internet or on disks. The purpose of an e-library is to store, access, and manage magazine articles, books, audio files, images, and video files. In the case of e-libraries, various data can be merged easily, which helps keep information up-to-date.

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