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  • Have you used our Official Practice App

    Practice on the go with the free PTE Academic Official Practice App

    We know that preparing for PTE Academic takes time and effort, and how important it is to have the option to prepare wherever you are. The new PTE Academic Official Practice App is a valuable free addition to the range of test preparation resources. The App prioritizes the key practice activities every test taker needs to focus on, and offers the support needed as test day approaches, all conveniently on your mobile IOS device.

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  • How To Find Work In Australia

    Have you ever dreamt of migrating to Australia for work or study? As one of the world’s most attractive places to both work and live, you’re not alone, however, there are a number of things to keep in mind before you start planning to apply for jobs in Australia.

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  • Study Tips For University In Australia

    Have you recently been accepted into an Australian university? Starting a new degree can be stressful but it can come with some unique challenges for international students. Below, we explore some things about Australian universities that you may not know to hopefully make your first day that little bit less stressful.

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  • Things Need Know Work Australia

    Whilst it’s true that Australian’s enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and some of the world’s most stunning scenery, the process of moving to Australia requires some careful planning to ensure a smooth transition.

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  • How To Study In The UK

    The UK is a popular country to relocate to for study. There are over 430,000 international students from over 180 countries who are currently studying in the UK.

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  • PTE Academic now accepted by 100% of New Zealand universities

    International students can now use PTE Academic scores as proof of their English proficiency when enrolling at all universities in New Zealand. This gives them even greater choice and flexibility when applying to study in New Zealand as PTE Academic allows them to choose the timing of the test, and to receive their test results typically within five working days.

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  • Test Tip: On test day, do not leave anything to chance

    Your Test Day Checklist

    We understand that taking PTE Academic can be a stressful experience for many test takers. One way of reducing the stress and performing at your best is to plan ahead for test day so that you leave nothing to chance.

    Check that you are ready with this interactive checklist. Watch the video below to learn about the full test day experience.

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