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  • PTE Academic testing has been resumed in India and it’s Hub Countries – Here is all that you need to know

    PTE Academic

    As the world around us is making advancements to adapt to the new ways of normalcy after COVID-19, it’s also time for students to also get back on track for their university applications. Many institutions worldwide are going ahead with their academic sessions, with minor delays. Enabling students to resume their study abroad plans, testing facilities for PTE Academic are being resumed at many test centers in India & Hub countries.

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  • Here Is New You with My PTE

    Here Is New You with My PTE

    We are constantly on the look-out for innovation! This is why, we are proud to share that we have smoothened your journey based on your feedback and are happy to share the changes here.

    What’s New?

    My PTE is a new and improved digital experience designed to streamline the way you book, manage, and track your testing and learning experience. All customers will transition to the new experience with effects from May 19, 2020. Keep reading to learn more about what’s better and what’s changing.

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  • AI Use Cases in E-Commerce

    AI Use Cases in E-Commerce

    E-Commerce is eating the world… or at least it seems poised to. In the last 7 years, the share of total retail sales by e-commerce players has doubled from 5.6% to 11.2%. Further, it appears poised to grow much faster still in the post-COVID era of social distancing.

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  • 5 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Investor Pitch

    Congratulations! You have been selected to pitch to a VC!

    As exciting as this news might seem, pitching online presents new challenges for entrepreneurs during these challenging times of remote pitching to maintain social distance.

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  • Is Your Young One Scared Of Numbers? Use Quikik To Make The Best Use Of This Shutdown

    Mathematics is a slightly tricky subject and kids often require some sort of guidance to be able to perform in this subject. However, in the current scenario, schools and tuition classes have been shut down and students are not being able to get the desired guidance.  If your child is in middle school or primary school, these foundation years are very critical and help students in developing an interest in the subject. If the foundation is not laid properly, students develop a fear of Maths and run away from it despite it being an incredibly high scoring subject. 

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  • Strengthening the chains of learning digitally

    The ongoing global situation has put the world on hold. Although a lot has changed, a major impact is being seen in the education sector, with schools, universities and institutions being locked down, affecting more than 300 million students worldwide. It’s more than evident that learners across the world need to be connected with their mentors for an uninterrupted learning process, so that they don’t lose out on precious time.

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    The best educational environments are those that are fair to all students, male or female.

    Gender messages are all around us. From images in school books to those on bus ads, from conversations on the train or the big screen, from clothing stores in malls or any plush office. Everywhere we turn, we are submerged in messages about what it means to be a “correct” or “normal” woman or man. Gender is everywhere. 

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  • Looking To Migrate For Higher Education? Here's Why PTE Can Be Your Best Bet

    When it comes to higher education, it is better to leave no stone unturned to ensure a bright future. Students often wish to move abroad to attain a better quality of education and improve their career prospects. Apart from this, a foreign education may also result in a better social life, greater personality development, and an increase in confidence. Studying abroad can help you to learn new languages, develop an appreciation for other cultures, become self-sufficient and develop a better understanding of the world. 

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