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  • Topics that are important for JEE Adv 2020

    JEE Advance

    JEE Advanced 2020 is right around the corner—only 60 days left for D-day. You are not left with much time to go through with whole syllabus. So, how smartly can you prepare in the time that you have and by putting less effort to maximize your scores in the upcoming JEE Advanced exam?

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  • NEET Last 7 Years' Paper Analysis


    NTA has been constantly in pursuit of updating and enhancing the level of its NEET examination. In general, NEET tries to test your understanding of basic concepts and their applications. They come up with some new challenges for you every year. To help you out with this, our team of subject matter experts have come up with the analysis of the last 7 years of NEET papers, wherein they have analyzed the level of the questions, the chapters of those subjects from which most of the questions are generally asked and so on.

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  • The COVID 19- Challenge to the system of education

    Horace Mann pioneered the promotion of Public Education. His father being a farmer he realized the need for public education way back in 1820s. As he gained public prominence he promoted formal education to provide knowledge and to establish mind sets.

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  • Topics which are important for NEET 2020

    NEET 2020

    NEET 2020 is hitting around the corner and less than 50 days left for the D day. You are not left with much time to go through with whole syllabus. So, how smartly can you prepare in this time to maximize your scores in upcoming NEET exam by putting less effort?

    The first thing to know is that NTA does not allocate any weightage to any chapter and you should try to learn and understand all chapters of all subjects. So if you know clearly which chapter will be important and fetch you maximum marks in the exam, then it will be easier for you to take the right route in completing whole syllabus smartly.

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  • Feeling Stuck At Your Job? Here's What You Can Do To #AccelerateYourCareer

    Feeling Stuck At Your Job

    As professionals, we all feel stuck at some point in our careers. This can be overwhelming and can make us feel unworthy or unproductive.

    If you have landed at this piece, chances are that you too are going through the same feeling, probably at different degrees of intensity. And if it is intense enough, deep down somewhere you know you are ready to #AccelerateYourCareer.

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  • Do’s and Don’ts To Keep in Mind While Preparing For NEET in 2020

    NEET 2020 is now going to be conducted on 26th July. Considering the current scenario, it is easy to give in to the distractions and lose focus. But, on the bright side, since schools are now letting students to study from home, it has bought you some extra time to focus on your bigger goal and take your preparations up a notch. The current health emergency has made it clear that the country (and the world) needs as many medical practitioners as possible, making it more important for NEET aspirants to showcase their A-game and sail through these tough times with confidence. 

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  • PTE Academic testing has been resumed in India and it’s Hub Countries – Here is all that you need to know

    PTE Academic

    As the world around us is making advancements to adapt to the new ways of normalcy after COVID-19, it’s also time for students to also get back on track for their university applications. Many institutions worldwide are going ahead with their academic sessions, with minor delays. Enabling students to resume their study abroad plans, testing facilities for PTE Academic are being resumed at many test centers in India & Hub countries.

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  • Here Is New You with My PTE

    Here Is New You with My PTE

    We are constantly on the look-out for innovation! This is why, we are proud to share that we have smoothened your journey based on your feedback and are happy to share the changes here.

    What’s New?

    My PTE is a new and improved digital experience designed to streamline the way you book, manage, and track your testing and learning experience. All customers will transition to the new experience with effects from May 19, 2020. Keep reading to learn more about what’s better and what’s changing.

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