Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics 2021

Owing to the ongoing COVID – 19 pandemic, the National Olympiad programme in Mathematics, culminating in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2021 and European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad 2022, has been reduced to a three-stage process instead of four stages.

Earlier, the process to finalize the students who will represent India in the International Mathematics Olympiad used to be a six-stage process. There were two qualification rounds at the pre-regional level (PRMO) and then at the regional level (RMO). Due to the effects of the pandemic, the authorities have decided to combine PRMO and RMO in a single stage, the Indian Olympiad Qualifiers in Mathematics (IOQM), which reduced the six-stage process to five stages.

Stages of Mathematics Olympiad

IOQM is the first stage of the selection procedure for IMO, which was held on 17th January 2021. 

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