Competitive Exam Preparation

An average Indian student attempts approximately 10-15 exams before he joins the workforce. Our solutions help these students succeed these exams with ease towards best results. We do this through high quality learning content and assessment solutions.

Today, in the higher education segment there are 50+ mainstream competitive exams conducted by prestigious institutions and bodies for admissions. Starting from grade XII till Postgraduation, a student takes over 10 exams at every stage of his academic career.

In order to address that need, We provide solutions which cater to:

  • Grade 6-12 students aspiring for admission in premiere engineering colleges or medical colleges 
  • Candidates aspiring to serve as teacher’s in schools and colleges (teacher recruitment examination)
  • Individuals aspiring to be recruited as civil services in the country (UPSC – CSE)

We do this through our:

Content Solutions

  • Our flagship Foundation Series has helped over 5Mn students prepare for JEE for almost a decade now.
  • Our authors come with high industry experience, and enjoy huge credibility among the student community.
  • Our product portfolio includes JEE, NEET, UPSC, Teacher Recruitments, CAT, GATE and other competitive examinations. 

Assessment Services

  • Our brand MyInsights offers a four year comprehensive assessment solution for grade 9 – 12 for institutes, and also to the students preparing for JEE and NEET.
  • Is designed on an Adaptive assessment engine. Our prep meter evaluates students’ readiness across concepts that are essential to clear these exams.
  • Proctored and non-proctored mocks help students give their exam scores and benchmarking w.r.t to their peers.