Whether they’re aiming for higher studies or good employability prospects in the future, Higher Education acts as a learner’s first step towards achieving his dreams and exposure to a world of opportunities. A good preparation can fuel this journey forward and hence, through our digital solutions and rich, engaging & high-quality content by world-leading authors, Pearson is the trusted partner for learners, helping them #PrepareWell and building a strong foundation for future success.

Digital Learning Solutions

The world of learning has evolved. Technology is enabling consumers to learn virtually and learning materials to be delivered digitally. Drawing on this shift, delivering an engaging, impactful, and valuable learning experience, regardless of the physical location, has become a necessity for good preparation. Pearson's suite of educational tools harness technology and content to provide revolutionary tools of learning. Our Digital Products and Services have been devised in line with the needs of learners as well as educators.

Pearson eLibrary

Instructor-led comprehensive digital learning

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MyLab | Mastering

Interactive e-learning platform to study and test oneself within a virtual classroom environment

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Pearson Mepro

Feedback based English language proficiency tool

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Books and Publications

Pearson’s long-trusted content is authored by world-class authors, whose expertise has helped open doors for generations of learners to build careers, live fulfilled lives, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Our extensive Higher Education portfolio offers resources for numerous fields of study including Business & Economics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Humanities & Social Science and New Age Technology.


“In order to promote a paperless environment, we started an experiment with Pearson eLibrary, having access to eBooks in Law, Management and Social Sciences. Our students were quite happy with the e-Books, mainly because it accommodates many style of learning and the search feature is an unbeatable concept. our librarians are equally satisfied because of the reduced storage space and cost-effective idea.”

Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal, Deputy Librarian, Symbiosis International, Pune

“Our academicians and students are using the eResources introduced by Pearson in our campus.The e-Library is an extremely helpful tool for  knowledge dissemination and gives a virtual world feeling to the reader. The searchable text option is a thoughtful innovation, that leads you to a particular section of the book without having to flip through pages.  Learning has definitely come a long way.”

Nilesh N Soni, Librarian, Saurashtra University

“Pearson has been very attentive and helpful from the beginning. Our college was able to find exactly what I needed in time and I am very satisfied with our library collection today. My sincere appreciation to the Pearson team for regular interactions and training programmes. We look forward to a great future together.”

Dr. N. Padma, SPB College, Surat

“Pearson publishes premier quality Information Resources. This sources provides in depth knowledge of the subject area which enable and facilitate teachers, research scholars and students in their learning and research process."

Dr. Meeta Rathod Vansadia, Librarian,  BRCM College of Business Administration, Surat

“We have been using Pearson eLibrary since March 2018. It is one of the best eBook platform and useful to our students as well as faculty members.”

Dr. Avijit Dutta, Librarian, Midnapore College