Digital Learning Solutions for Higher Education

As the world’s largest learning company, we offer you the chance to capitalize on this new era of digital learning by building a learning environment that’s right for your students.

We have launched a ground-breaking suite of new digital products that will change the way students learn and teachers teach-with rich content accessible online and offline in any environment. They're specifically designed to save your time and engage students in the best way possible.

Now you can get anytime, anywhere access to your required Pearson eTexts and technology resources, right on your tablet/ laptop with us. Pearson Digital Learning Solutions are customized for you or your college to provide low-cost program solutions that meets the needs of both the students & the faculty.

It also allows professors to improve their teaching and learning process by assigning their ideal set of content, and providing students with ongoing access to their course materials throughout their entire teacher preparation program. Know more about our Digital Learning Solutions in this section.