Custom E-Learning Solutions


Pearson Digital Products and Services deliver educational resources, technologies, assessments and related services for teachers as well as students of all age-groups. Each day we rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving educational landscape that includes new technology, new education business models and cost pressures. 

With the goal of promoting effective teaching, we work with educators to develop course-specific resources that engage students and facilitate student success in a cost-effective manner. We create content that works by blending the educator’s ideas and goals with our content and services. Educators have the choice of delivering their customized course content in print or media, online and/or through mobile devices. 

Today, educators care about their students and keep them engaged, using innovative ways to hone their skills towards becoming a competitive workforce. They want to take a student’s interest and grow it into passion. Educators want to put together a course with the best available resource on their subject and deliver that resource through a perfectly tailored, cost-effective medium; be it a textbook, an e-Book, video, audio, online learning or a combination of the above. Together, with our array of solutions, technology and services in collaboration with your classroom expertise, we can cultivate these goals and harvest the best possible future for all students.