Pearson Instructor Education is an interactive, online faculty development course that builds solid instructional skills which empowers educators with time-efficient training. 

Why is Pearson Instructor Education Beneficial?

  • Pearson Instructor Education provides Instructors with the ability to refresh and learn new teaching methods.
  • PIE offers for faculty development and facilitates them to convert into confident and capable online and classroom educators.
  • PIE courses are asynchronous and self-paced.


  • Flexibility delivery: Library of courses may be taken via a self-paced, online format.
  • Discussion questions: Content-related questions that engage learners on a deeper intellectual level and help them apply course content on the job.
  • Meaningful assignments: Meaningful on-screen or submittable assignments that apply course content to the teaching experience
  • End of lesson quizzes : Brief quiz that checks lesson comprehension
  • Final assessment of content mastery: Tangible proof of successful course completion