Professional Programs

The half life of learning has reduced even further and it is important to stay updated to stay ahead.

Pearson partners with leading universities, faculty and content providers from around the world to curate content that supports individuals and organisations to address their diverse learning needs and make them future ready. We offer courses through blended learning that involves complementing traditional face-to-face programs with e-learning technologies such as live online sessions, simulations, discussion boards, group projects, classroom interactions, videos, and more. The flexible nature of these courses provide people who are searching for executive programs in order to enhance their career an easy way to learn on their own terms and timings.

Each of our programs, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing or Design Thinking Courses, has a highly competitive selection process that evaluates candidates in terms of their domain expertise, workplace achievements and learning orientation. The curriculum encompasses the latest research in the respective fields and aims to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of the domain.

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