Artificial Intelligence Foundation Program

An Industry recommended and validated course aligned to SSC NASSCOM Artificial Intelligence Foundation curriculum


    58+ HOURS





AI present opportunities to complement and supplement human intelligence and enrich the way people live and work. India, being the fastest growing economy with the second largest population in the world, has a significant stake in the AI revolution. This creates a need to enhance and empower young Indians with the skills to scale Indian-made AI solutions that can be implemented to the developing world.

Pearson’s Artificial Intelligence Foundation curriculum is created and taught by globally renowned experts in the field of AI ensuring world class content. The self-paced videos are complemented by virtual labs which provide extensive hands-on coding practice within the course environment. Regular auto graded MCQ type quizzes are embedded within the course for self-assessment and a final assessment in the end. 



Program Highlights

  • Leading Instructors: Learn from internationally renowned AI experts
  • Technology in Action: Concepts are demonstrated with plenty of real-life use cases
  • Learn Anytime, anywhere: Learn at your pace on any device for minimum disruption to your job and family life
  • Flaunt Your Skills: Receive a certificate from Pearson, the world's leader in professional learning, and showcase your skills

Program and Payment Details

Course Start

Coming Soon

Time Commitment

58+ Hours

Program Fees

₹ 9971

Inclusive Of Taxes


Payment: Debit / Credit Card

Loan Facility Available

Faculty Details

Noah Gift

Founder Pragmatic AI Labs | Author | Northwestern & Berkeley & UC Davis ML Lecturer | CTO | ML Engineering Expert

Ben Forta

Adobe- Senior Director of Education Initiatives | SQL Bestseller

Jared P. Lander

Founder- Lander Analytics | Adjunct Professor - Columbia University | Author of R for Everyone | Organizer of the World's Largest R Meetup


Module 1: Overview of AI

Module 2: Relational Data Bases

Module 3: Principles of Machine Learning

Module 4: Foundations and Implementation of Data Structures

Module 5: Algorithms

Module 6: R Programming

Module 7: Basic statistics and Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Module 8: Graph types, tools and Libraries

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