Cybersecurity Foundation Program

An Industry recommended and validated course aligned to SSC NASSCOM Cybersecurity Foundation curriculum


    42+ HOURS

   11,681 /-




Cybersecurity Fundamentals teaches you the foundational concepts, theory, and techniques you need to know to become an effective cybersecurity expert. The course starts by covering fundamentals of cybersecurity, networking and then moves to security testing, incidence management and security operations.

Pearson’s Cybersecurity Fundamentals is aligned to the model curriculum designed by NASSCOM- Sector Skills Council for graduates and working professionals. The course is created and taught by globally renowned experts in the field of Cybersecurity ensuring world class content. The self-paced videos cover practical exercises which provide extensive hands-on practice within the course environment. Auto graded MCQ type quizzes are also embedded within the course for regular self-assessment. 



Program Highlights

  • Leading Instructors: Learn from internationally renowned Cybersecurity experts
  • Technology in Action: Concepts are demonstrated with plenty of real-life use cases
  • Learn Anytime, anywhere: Learn at your pace on any device for minimum disruption to your job and family life
  • Flaunt Your Skills: Receive a certificate from Pearson, the world's leader in professional learning, and showcase your skills

Program and Payment Details

Course Start

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Time Commitment

42+ hours

Program Fees

₹ 11,681

Inclusive Of Taxes



Payment: Debit / Credit Card

Loan Facility Available

Faculty Details

Sari Greene

 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner | Author | Entrepreneur | Educator

Omar Santos

Principal Engineer
Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)


The course is divided into 6 modules covering different levels of cybersecurity fundamentals.

  1. Fundamentals of Cybersecurity- This module covers the history of cybersecurity, information security and different types of attacks
  2. Fundamentals of Networking- This module covers basic concepts of networking protocols, devices, firewalls etc.
  3. Basics of Security Testing- This module covers various security testing techniques and introduction to ethical hacking
  4. Fundamentals of Access Management- This module covers identity and access management, CIA triad and best practices followed under access management
  5. Fundamentals of Incident Management and Response- This module covers fundamental concepts of Incidence monitoring, identification, disaster mitigation etc.
  6. Fundamentals of Security Operations- This module covers fundamentals of security forensics, continuous monitoring, data loss prevention and other tools

Who should take this course:

  • University students enrolled in streams such as Engineering, Computer Science, Sciences or Mathematics
  • Employed professionals who wish to explore their career options and interests with regards to Cybersecurity and Information Security
  • Enthusiasts curious about understanding the hype behind Cybersecurity

Course Requirements:

Prior understanding of networking infrastructure and security would be desirable, but it is not mandatory

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