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Intensive Learning in a short period

With Pearson Learn IT, the focus is on accelerated learning in the shortest possible time. This quick intensive learning is achieved due to following key highlights:

  • Facilitated by leading experts on future trends and the most desired technologies
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Concepts are demonstrated live with real use cases and step by step easy to follow exercises
  • Consistently rated in the top 50 courses on a Global Learning Platform

Convenient Learning Paths

Learning paths are logical, well-crafted collections of video courses presented by seasoned pros that helps in learning the right skill in the right order

Key Highlights: 

  • Multiple courses cover the entire learning curve, from basics to advanced
  • Available for multiple technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Java, Cloud Computing and many others
  • Also available for professional exams in Networking, Cybersecurity and Project Management
  • Includes the top-rated learning paths listed on a Global Learning Platform

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AWS Professional

Cybersecurity Pro

Cloud Computing: Basics to Advanced

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Advanced Data Science

Python Programming

C Basics to Advanced

Java Fundamentals

Modern Java: Basics to Advanced

Web Development: Basics to Advanced

Art of Hacking

CCNP Routing and Switching

CCNA Routing and Switching

Comptia A+

Project Management

Course Categories

Learn IT catalogue has vast number of courses available in IT technologies, business frameworks and professional exams preparation. Some of our top picks:

Future Trends Current Winners
3D Printing Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence Networking
Blockchain Programming
Cloud Computing Linux/Red Hat
Internet of Things Project Management
Game Design Server and Windows

Learner Testimonials

CISSP- Exam Prep
Outstanding - this is how I imagine the final quick review for thing like CISSP should look like

Amazon Web Services
A very good clear, concise and well-presented introduction to AWS fundamentals.
Demos were highly relevant and use cases presented at the end were very close
to real life examples

Learning SQL
Very well done intro to SQL: topics are covered in a step-by-step way that makes it easy to absorb them without becoming overwhelmed. New topics build on previous topics in a way that reinforces what has been learned. And the supporting information delivered by the instructor always elaborates on the current to topic, to provide a solid overview, but maintains a clear focus.

Effective Python
Superb Information! I am working with Python for 4+ years but still I learned some new things and really helped me to improve my knowledge further. I would recommend everyone to watch this.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow
This is an exceptionally well structured and presented tutorial. I have a bit of a background in traditional machine learning, but am by no means an expert. For me this was perfect, I am looking forward to the DL for NLP tutorial by the same author

Cloud Native Java
Awesome content from Josh Long as always. I greatly expanded my knowledge of
Spring Boot in just 3 hours. It is also very commendable that he adds the source code to this course.