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I was a bit apprehensive when I joined the Micro-Master of Business Administration conducted by IIM, Bangalore. After a tentative start, I realized that this was the most appropriate decision that I have ever made. The overall program modules and content were simplified for easy use of a tight time schedule. The instructors were lucid in the transfer of knowledge and were in sync with the needs of the industry. The self-paced nature of the course is the highlight of the entire course and can comfortably gel into a time-pressed schedule. The support from the Pearson Team was stupendous, for lack of a better word. The response was prompt and appropriate. Never was an issue kept pending and the resolution very favorable. 

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Sandeep Karunakaran
(Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist) 
Oasis Fertility, Hyderabad   

I want to thank Pearson, Edx and Harvard for offering Data Science course and staff especially Amit and Shreya to guide us all over. Thanks, Amit, for continues support, guidance and answering our queries, handling this group of students and notifying them on important dates. The course links our profile with prestigious institute -Harvard which will help us in our career path and give an edge over others. Thanking again complete team, teachers and staff.

Harvard’s Data Science Program Student
Neeti Singh
HRIS Professional, TechHR and Analytics specialist

I just wanted to share my experience on course enrolled for MIT Micro Masters in Supply Chain through Pearson. My overall experience in terms of associated journey as a part of this program has been amazing. MIT Micro masters is very demanding in terms of content and deadlines. With the number of subjects and content to go through, it doesn't require just personal commitments but needs an associated partner who can organize and design program in such a way that individuals can strive to work hard by feeling motivated and Pearson did a great job in ensuring this. Additional programs (that includes guest lectures and simulation games) designed as part of overall course augers well with Micro master content. Besides that, program coordinators or delivery team have been quite committed and professional by providing their best supporting experience which really helps. I would like to congratulate Pearson for doing great job and wishing them all the best for future programs.

MIT’s Supply Chain Management Program Student
Varun Nagpal 
Senior Manager 
HCL Technologies 

My basic idea to enroll for Business Management Micromasters Program from IIM Bangalore was to enhance my knowledge as an entrepreneur and make valuable addition to current setup. The entire course was qualitative and great learning experience. The learning was made interactive by giving various ungraded exercises during modules and weekly graded exercises of each module. The support from Mr. Amit from Pearson was highly appreciated for his quick response time and 24x7 availability. Also the Live sessions conducted were well coordinated by him. He kept on motivating each of us by his repetitive reminders to complete the modules on time. I would like to thank eDX, Pearson and IIM B for their program and support.

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Sidhant Gupta 
Head Marketing & CR
Alcantarilla Limpiar Equipo Pvt Ltd.

My name is Awanish Kumar and I was one of the participants for this program. Happy to inform you all that I have completed all the course and receive the certificate. It was great learning experience and all the instructor is very knowledgeable. It is enhancing my knowledge.   And finally, thanks a lot Amit Kumar IIM Bx Coordinator, you have been a great support throughout the courses. Wishing all participants, the very best to complete the course.  

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Awanish Kumar 
Senior Technical Project Manager 

All the program modules Statistics that we have learned in this course are essential for organizational and societal decision-making. This is a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed also reviewing the web sites ever week. It is nice to know that this course is identical to its Ivy League counterparts. Thank you for including the statistics analysis and its comprehensive coverage, this certainly is useful to us. It was exciting to be able to apply certain concepts learned in the course to an actual work assignment I was doing at the time. The ability to apply one concept in the "real world" encouraged me to look for ways to incorporate the other concepts learned. Mr. Amit Kumar was one of the most professional and understanding coordinator. He was very responsive to student's questions and was very prompt. Under the dynamic conditions course content should not be older than 3 years. It needs complete updating every 2/3 years for case studies/ change in business environment.

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Anil Babu Jami 
Uttamenergy Limited

The Program was informative and data-oriented, filled with practical examples. The instructors were knowledgeable. Some aspects of the program were directly used. I am sure I will also be able to use the rest of my learnings down the line. Pearson Team's support was greatly appreciated. Amit Kumar, the SPOC for this course has helped me whenever I needed support.

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Ananya Banerjee 
Wadhwani Fellow, Ex- CEO – Earnyt
Atlas Corps VLI Scholar, 2021

The overall programs was good. It helped me understand statistics and R language. I learnt the most from my project submission which helped me understand the application of Data Science with more clarity. The Program Coordinator motivated me to complete the course and even helped me get in touch with people in the previous batch who have successfully submitted the project which really helped me clear my doubts for the Capstone project.

Harvard’s Data Science Program Student
Mayank Gaur 
Helpage India
Program Coordinator

Having worked in large international development programs in Asia and Africa for about 2 decades without formal education on business management I started feeling the need for formal education. This made me explore “Micro Master’s Program on Business Management '' from IIM-B and completed recently. I was able to correlate my 2 decades of firsthand experience on management with theoretical aspects and principles of business management while learning. I felt that the coursework/contents are appropriate for experienced managers. The faculty members share numerous practical examples while delivering classes to make the learning process live and enjoyable. The support team from Pearson was extremely helpful in resolving issues during the course. 

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Vithal R Karoshi 
Director-Agribusiness and NRM 
Mercy Corps

Great platform, instructors, clear content, and supportive team from Pearson. Absolutely as part of my daily work task it does helps. team was supportive and helped coordinate with school for sessions and online classes. Reachable round the clock. Great value add to learning skills for mid to senior level management employees.

IIM Bangalore’s Business Management Program Student
Nitin Sharma 
Director - Sales and Business Dev 
MatchMove India Pvt. Ltd