Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, having a strong presence in consumer publishing and business information. We also provide educational material, technology, and assessment tools to teachers and students of all ages. With over 40,000 employees, operating in nearly 80 countries, Pearson caters to learners of all ages: from pre- school and high school, to professional certification.

Our curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programmes help educate more than 130 million students across the world.

Pearson Promise to India

One in five adults across the globe are illiterate. That’s nearly 800 million people worldwide and over 3 million people in India alone. At Pearson, we believe that learning makes a difference in every person’s life. To achieve this, we offer products and partnerships that endeavour to raise literacy levels across the country. Reading is, after all, the basic building block to the realisation of personal potential. We continue to assess and re-assess the opportunities we have, and the challenges we face, to intellectually stimulate and inspire people to do more with their lives. Every year, we cover more ground. 

Pearson’s Unique Learning Experience is based on the integrated learning approach which uses Pearson's global expertise and resources to provide age appropriate learning which is centered and built around the student's interests and talents. The advantages are :

  • It is designed to address every child’s individual developmental needs and abilities.
  • It promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, adaptability and teamwork, which maximizes learning.
  • Activity-based learning with a focus on self-discovery and experimentation is given due prominence.

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