It is a special sports programme, that offers a year-round sports and physical education programme which is both age appropriate and designed for a limited space. With daily lesson plans and specific props integrated with the curriculum based on standards from NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education), EduSports provides a structured physical curriculum and qualified trainers are appointed by Edusports to train students and measure their fitness.

Physical Education

A structured programme with trained and qualified instructors is followed to identify special talent for participation in inter/intra-school activities.

Sports and Physical Development

The schools follow a structured curriculum prescribed by the NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education) to identify students with athletic potential, with the help of academies and professionals. In addition, students follow a year-round sports and physical education


Experiential Performing / Local Festival And Arts

The Schools offer training in contemporary dance, western jazz and tap dances, as well as Indian dance forms, based on student requirements. Similarly, children have access to music classes which include the privilege of being taught by experts in that field.

Spic Macy

A non-profit, voluntary movement to promote Indian classical music and culture, the objectives of SPIC MACAY is to assist the exchange of traditional values, familiarize children with cultural heritage and to draw cultural and aesthetic awareness into mainstream education. SPICMACAY is currently present in over 1000 academic institutions, holding at least 2000 events a year in 150 countries.

Events & Talent Showcase


An inter-school talent search organised for performing and visual arts, as well as sports. This also features MUN, the popular Mock UN event addressing many social issues.


Hungama is an annual Pearson event that takes the form of a fun festival or a fete. Taking place around Children’s Day every year. This is a rare opportunity for children to plan and organise their own activities and events. On this day, rules and regulations are relaxed, and the notion of childhood itself is celebrated with carnival-like fervour.


An annual event that acts as an inter-school platform. Tirangaa allows children to showcase their literary, artistic, and musical talents. The event revolves around a specific theme, often with national connotations. It gives children an insight into Indian culture.

Young Champs

Aimed at children between Nursery and Grade V, Young Champs is an event looked forward to all year round. It comprises of competitive sports and other games – helping children associate health and fitness with having a good time

Innovative Teaching

Yardstick (YELP)

It  is a hands-on activity based learning programme. Students are exposed to the best in Science and Technology with Yardstick which provides hands on activities beyond text based study and teaches through the process of discovery. This gives the learner visual grasp, enhances their observation skills and ability to question. This process builds logical thinking and enhances problem solving skills. Each student is given individual kits which can be made into working models and helps build scientific temper.


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