Johnson Grammar School, Hyderabad

Johnson Grammar School, Hyderabad

Johnson Grammar School in Hyderabad, in collaboration with Pearson Schools is not solely concerned with academic pursuits but also provides plenty of entertainment and leisure activity like regular picnics, local excursions, co -curricular activities etc. With nearly three decades of achievements in top quality teaching, Johnson retains its position as one of the leading educational, institutions in the country.   

Johnson school also offers a wide range of co-curricular activities.They have recently acquired sufficient land at Nacharam, Mallapur Road and constructed a four-storeyed vast building with an excellent spacious ground which is being used as a playground for Cricket, Basket Ball and other games and activities. The school library is a rich resource centre manned by a qualified librarian and consists of more than 8000 books including encyclopedia, periodicals and magazines.  

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