Gone are the days of the lost CD, folder upon folder of extra resources and the missing course book. With ActiveTeach you can simply pop the disk into your computer and...

  • manage your class smoothly
  • manage your time efficiently
  • have additional activities at the click of a button

ActiveTeach is a unique learning tool from Pearson that helps educators conduct classes by combining innovative technology and learning resources with pedagogically sound and comprehensive school curriculum. ActiveTeach takes learning out of the standard student textbook and makes it fun and interesting for the learner. It accomplishes this with a range of interactive resources and intuitive teaching supplements while simulating the functionality of any regular textbook.

ActiveTeach is set within an advanced, feature-rich digital platform, making it a truly innovative learning solution that boosts multiple modes of classroom learning. ActiveTeach’s engaging learning modules with informative digital presentations, interactive worksheets, visually appealing animation sequences and stunning real-life video clips sources directly from the BBC archives makes classes enjoyable, interactive and memorable.

Facts at a Glance

  • Digital Samples enhance learning 
  • eText enables learning on the move 
  • ActiveTeach offers convenience
  • ActiveTeach has been specially modified for the Indian education system and is set to put it at par with global teaching methodology.

Our Impact

  • ActiveTeach is Pearson’s most popular learning solution
  • Used by over 180,000 students and 3 out of 4 secondary schools in UK.