ActiveTeach - FAQs

Would the teachers require specialized training or acquire digital core–competencies to use ActiveTeach in class?

What does ActiveTeach contribute towards enhancing the classroom teaching experience?

Looks interesting‚ but can our system run it?

Minimum System Requirements (Hardware)

Minimum System Requirements (Software)

ActiveTeach vs An e-book?

Would I need any extra software installations in my system to run ActiveTeach?

Can I isolate any audio/video component from the platform and play it individually?

How long would ActiveTeach be active in my system?

Would I require a textbook alongside ActiveTeach in class?


The Find Resources tab sub–menu (Video‚ Audio‚ Doc‚ etc.‚ tabs) have stopped functioning. Clicking on any opens blank‚ white and inactive tray on the right.

On clicking on an asset‚ either from the page or from the Find Resources tab‚ a window flashing Please Wait appears for a very long time.

On clicking on a word from the Glossary tab‚ the Meaning tray on the right goes white.

The Contents tab at the bottom of the page has gone blank or the links are not functioning.

When opened from the CCE tab‚ an interactivity looks different than when opened from the page or the Find Resources tab. The layout looks scattered‚ the trays look displaced or images have spilt the margins.

When opened from the Find Resources tab‚ the asset title is not showing on the panel above the asset window.

The questions in the interactivity are not exact replicas of the questions in the book.

Some tiered interactivities have only two tiers.

If only a few out of the total number of the questions in the exercise have been attempted‚ even the un–attempted questions are marked wrong on checking answers.

How to undo a wrongly connected option in a match the following exercise?

In an interactivity that has more than one page‚ going back to a previously solved page displays it in an unsolved state.

Checking the answer for even one question and even if wrongly done unlocks the next level in tiered activities.

Some animations open outside the platform.

Some animations do not have the pause button.

Audio files from the CCE tab not opening in the desired media player.

On turning to a page‚ it turns white for a second after which it appears.

Dragging an asset icon to the My Resources column is not working.

In My Resources‚ highlights‚ notes‚ markings created during a previous session are unavailable.

The Dynamic Question Zone word files are not getting created.

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