ActiveTeach enables teachers to demonstrate concepts that could be difficult for students to grasp without visual aids or demonstrations. A teacher can use ActiveTeach with a computer and projector or with an interactive whiteboard to receive Student Book pages - zoom in, zoom out and focus on specific activities. 

ActiveTeach comes on DVD with full class audio, printable worksheets, interactive exercises, assessment activities, tests and interactive whiteboard tools.

Active Teach can be used with a computer and projector or with an IWB to receive: 

  • Student’s Book pages - zoom in, zoom out and focus on specific activities
  • Full class audio & DVD
  • Printable worksheets and interactive exercises
  • Assessment activities and tests
  • IWB tools

ActiveTeach CD-ROMs:

  • are single support resources for teachers with access to computer labs or computers in their classroom
  • enable teachers to bring to life concepts that are difficult for students to grasp without visual aids and demonstrations
  • are interactive versions of the Students’ Book designed for use in front of the whole class. 
  • available across a wide range of subjects for standards 3 to 8

ActiveTeach is now also online. It’s easier to use, regularly updated and better at helping you to deliver exciting lessons combining innovative interactive teaching materials with the flexibility to introduce your own resources. Bring out the best in teaching, lesson planning and learning, enabling students to be more responsive, more creative and more imaginative


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ActiveTeach vs An e-book?

ActiveTeach is an intuitive and interactive platform, not a digitally reproduced printed book. ActiveTeach provides supplements that enhance the teaching curriculum in various ways like:

  • Informative slideshows
  • Captivating videos from BBC Motion Gallery
  • Challenging and interactive activities to help students along a systematically-developed learning gradient
  • Differentiated worksheets augmenting lessons
  • A detailed glossary and visual indices
  • Annotation tools to help teaching and learning.

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