DigitALly is Pearson’s patented and award-winning multimedia enabled tool that helps teachers customize their plans in keeping with the learner’s pace. DigitALly comes pre-loaded with 2D/3D images, videos, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, activity sheets, games and more, with both, content and the application, regularly updated to keep up with changing needs.

DigitALly provides two modes of usage:


1. Teacher In Class: With the Teacher in Class mode teachers can access DigitALly’s multimedia content through an easy-to-use and interactive interface. Its “Group Quiz” function is a collaborative assessment environment where teachers can view objects added by other teachers or users.

2. Prepare For Class: The Prepare for Class mode is provided to help teachers set up lesson plans, research desired learning subjects and add or edit learning objects in the repository. This user-friendly mode helps teachers create question papers and print them for classroom usage. The mode’s unique Knowledge Library gives teachers access to subject based interactive games and activities to reinforce classroom learning.

DigitALly Advantage

Teacher Training & Certification Programme 

Pearson offers teachers training and certification programmes to help them maximize the benefits of DigiClass to their students and school. Training is provided online and teachers can access it anywhere through the link provided. Those who complete the assessments will be awarded a certificate of completion by Pearson.

Evaluation for the courses are conducted on two levels

Level One: This level measures the teacher’s knowledge of the DigiClass solution (both Interactive Device and DigitALly usage). Teachers can take this assessment immediately after training on the DigiClass solution.  The assessments are conducted to encourage teachers to acquire the basic DigiClass skills required to effectively use the solution. Completion of this assessment awards the teacher a Basic Level Certificate.

Level Two: This assessment is conducted a year after continuous use of DigiClass solutions. This final assessment gauges the teacher’s grasp on their advanced knowledge of DigiClass solutions, thus encouraging them to explore the various DigiClass features on their own and further enhance their skills. At the end of this assessment the teacher is awarded the Advanced Level Certificate.

Awards & Accolades

Winner of the Manthan Award for Best E-content Development

Manthan is a first of its kind initiative to discover, recognise and honour the excellence in the use of ICT and digital tools for developmental purposes. DigitALly was chosen from a pool of over 230 nominations from more than 8 countries by an elite panel of jurists.

President’s Award for IT

DigitAlly along with Global Telemedicine Healthcare Network, won the President’s award for IT for implementation of DigitALly across 40 schools in Shillong, Meghalaya. 

Winner of World Education Award for Best Multimedia Content for K-12 Education 2011

DigitALly won the award for Best Multimedia Content for K-12 Education 2011 at the World Education Awards held every year to felicitate innovation in the field of education globally. 


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