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About Pearson Edexcel

We set the standard for worldwide recognised qualifications, built on the UK educational system and accepted by universities worldwide.


Pearson Edexcel has set the standard for worldwide recognized qualifications, built on the UK educational system and accepted by universities worldwide, for more than 150 years.

Edexcel’s world-class academic and general qualifications include GCSEs, A levels, International GCSEs, as well as some vocational qualifications, including NVQs and Functional Skills iPrimary & iLower.

Our qualifications combine a progressive approach with international content, allowing learners to achieve their full potential in today’s global economy. know more


Edexcel Online

Edexcel Online is an invaluable service for administrators, providing support at every stage of the qualification cycle.


ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that gives you a detailed breakdown of students’ performance in Edexcel exams.

Mocks Service

Our Pearson-marked Mocks Service will lighten the load, provide consistency of marking across the full cohort and results analysis to support student progression and teacher CPD.

Offering more advanced support services, tools and resources to make life easier for you and your students

  • Support from your regional contacts, subject advisors, global customer services and the Pearson international school community.
  • Face-to-face and online training events and professional development courses.
  • Getting started guides, schemes of work, lesson plans, skills development support, exemplar marked responses and teacher guides.
  • Curriculum matched, endorsed published textbooks and online teaching and learning resources.


examWizard is a free exam preparation tool containing a bank of past Edexcel exam questions, mark schemes and examiners’ reports for a range of our qualifications and subjects. It saves you time by enabling you to create your own mock exams, topic tests, homework or revision activities in minutes and links directly to associated examiner reports and mark schemes.

ResultsPlus provides detailed information on exam performance, by providing a detailed analysis for every question, and a platform to view and compare student results, as individuals or as groups, across the world. It helps with planning improvements in teaching and learning.

ResultsPlus Direct allows you to give students a free online service that gives them access to their results wherever they are in the world. It gives them a detailed breakdown and global comparison of their performance in Pearson Edexcel exams and helps them identify areas of improvement.


ePEN is our image-based marking system providing real time monitoring and quality control of the marking process, which is carried out at item level. This ensures the highest quality of marking, resulting in Pearson Edexcel being the most reliable awarding organisation in the UK. The provision of data also feeds into our reporting support services such as ResultsPlus, ensuring a joined up approach to measuring performance.

Our Access to Scripts Service is a free online portal which allows teachers to immediately access electronically marked exam papers, providing enhanced transparency and support for teachers to evaluate a student’s performance on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught.


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