International Connections Academy (iNaCA) is a K–12 online private school that students attend from home. iNaCA brings a fully accredited U.S. education directly to your family’s door—anywhere in world.

Why International Connections Academy?

With a flexible world-class curriculum for students in grades K–12, International Connections Academy (iNaCA) provides a student-centered approach to support, enrich, and personalize each student's learning. The teamwork of the professional iNaCA teachers and the student’s learning coach (typically a parent) ensures a quality experience that prepare students for success. 


Top-Quality Teachers

iNaCA’s highly qualified, U.S.-licensed teachers personalize lessons, evaluate student progress, provide feedback and assistance, and encourage students. Periodically, teachers instruct in real-time virtual sessions to provide targeted support, based on student learning.


Parents as Learning Coaches

Each student at iNaCA has a “learning coach” - most often a parent or other adult family member - who supports and motivates students and monitor schedules. Learning coaches are also encouraged to communicate and collaborate with teachers.


World-Class Curriculum

Our U.S.-aligned, English-medium curriculum delivers engaging, interactive content, multimedia tools, and superb resources. It also provides teachers continuous information on students' progress.


University Success

For our high school students, we lay the groundwork for future success. Our students receive a U.S. recognized diploma and iNaCA graduates have been accepted to colleges and universities all over, including Harvard University, Cornell University, etc.


Flexibility and Individualized Attention

Rather than moving in lock-step with others in their class, iNaCA students complete their schoolwork in the time/sequence that personally works best for them. If an iNaCA student needs a little more time to master a particular concept, or can move quickly ahead to the next, they can do so. It’s school tailored to the child's need. 


Socialization and School Community

iNaCA students are part of a vibrant global school community, with multiple opportunities to participate in online special interest clubs and activities - from Robotics Club to Student Newspaper, from Chess Club to Quiz Bowl - with peers from around the world. 


Students With Learning Differences

Children who are highly gifted, whose mobility is limited due to physical disabilities, who have Attention Deficit Disorder and other special needs, are all well-served in our personalized learning environment. Our program offers families with the time-and-place flexibility they need to care for their child along with academics.

Who should enroll? 

This program is suitable for families - both native to India and expats living in India - who are looking for:


An American K-12 School                          


Personalized Academics for Students Pursuing Passion in Sports, Music, or the Arts


Accredited School-at-Home Options


Preparation for Students Bound for University in the U.S.


A School That Works for Children with Learning Differences 


Flexibility & Mobility to Fit Their Family’s Unique Needs

2018-19 Tuition Fee

Grade Level

    Annual Tuition Fee* (INR)

One-Time Full Payment Fee* (INR)

Lower (K–5)

2,96,300 2,72,600
Middle (6–8) 3,57,000 3,28,500
Upper (9–12) 4,17,800 3,84,300

*Taxes such as GST will be extra as applicable

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How to Enroll

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