MyPedia is the country's only fully-integrated learning programme that promises measurable improvement in cognitive skills of the learners from Nursery  up to  8th standard. MyPedia integrates all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed manner.

MyPedia comprises of teaching plans which bring together the coursebook, workbook, videos and assessments along with teachers' professional development and school support visits by specialists.


Specially crafted course books that use an Inter-disciplinary learning approach and a robust pedagogy. Worksheets designed for multiple difficulty levels with an assessment rubric that helps to record overall performance of the learner. Systematic teaching plans for the teacher.

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Easy-to-access videos are mapped to chapters taught in class. The HomeApp which can be installed on parents' phones for them to be able to access class videos and practice assessments. Teachers' portal which caters to teachers' needs of assigning tasks.

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Formative assessments through activities and exercises, assessed using rubrics. Summative assessments include MCQs, along with teachers' long and short-answer type questions. Reports which cater to all levels of learning - student,teacher and school.

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6 days of PD each year for teachers and 9 school support visits by specialistsTraining on MyPedia, pedagogy, assessment, classroom management Participant manual for later reference & Support activities like classroom observation and demo classes etc.

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