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The MyPedia Efficacy & Research 2018 was conducted across 74 schools and recorded 557 lessons over a range of subjects, teachers and grade levels. 

A 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey*

Conducted across MyPedia schools’ principals, teachers and parents across India revealed that:

94% of the Principals considered MyPedia as a one-point innovative solution.

Ms. Papri Chakraborty, Principal, Fortune World School says, “It’s definitely a good decision to opt for MyPedia as it gives teaching and learning an enhanced definition.”

94% of the teachers believe that, MyPedia promotes higher order thinking amongst students.

Monica Gowswami, Teacher, Fortune World School says “The inter relations of various subjects has been a great help for learners and thus has enhanced their practical learning.”

92% of the teacher believe that MyPedia promotes higher order thinking amongst students.

Ms. Fathima Banu, Coordinator - DPIS Utkal-Aul, Odisha says “MyPedia has helped turn students who were mere listeners in class to active participants in classroom discussions and activities.”

91% consider MyPedia, as a learning tool that is convenient and easy-to-use in classrooms.

Maryam Khalid says, “MyPedia has helped me plan my lessons well and write my Lesson Plans in a structured way. It is very easy for me to identify the objective for a particular class and prepare for it in advance.”

91% believe that MyPedia helps learners in inter-disciplinary learning across different subjects.

Papri Chakraborty, Principal, Fortune World School Noida, adds that “Learners are able to understand and reciprocate the knowledge in real life."

84% parents have reported that MyPedia improved their children’s attitude towards learning.

Beryl Kingsley, Head of Academics, The Study Lecole Internationale says “Parents are happy when children explain all the concepts to them which they are learning by visually experiencing them.”

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