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MyPedia Services

Parent Orientation

The Parent Orientation helps parents get meaningfully involved in their child's learning process at school and explore the MyPedia features that successfully bridge the gap between home and school.

Pre-and-Post Skill Mapping

This is a year-on-year assessment that measures student's growth in Cognitive Skills - Recall, Understanding, Application and Higher-Order Thinking Skills. It is done at the start of every academic year (Pre-) and allows us to measure the increase or decrease, in comparison to last year (Post), of the student's ability to Apply or Analyse across subjects.

Professional Development

MyPedia's PD Program enables teachers to 'bring to life' the MyPedia products in the classroom. A round-the-year blended teacher development program, our PD is delivered through workshops, circle time, monthly modelling, online resources and monitoring visits


MyPedia offers both on-call and email support with guaranteed response via flexible arrangements tailored to meet the school's requirements. The support also includes multiple ARM visits scheduled round the year to ensure better implementation and usage of MyPedia

ARM allocation

Every MyPedia School gets a dedicated MyPedia Academic Relationship Manager (ARM) who is responsible for end-to-end program delivery, monthly school visits, PD programs delivery

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