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Assessment Framework

Assessment is mapped to the school's exam plan, including both interim and summative assessment. Assessment can be both pen-and-paper and activity-based. Pen-and-paper based questions may include MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, Match the Following and long and short-answer type questions. All the questions are analysed on difficulty and cognitive levels. The reports generated thereof cater to students, teachers and schools.

Interim Assessment

  • Attached to all learning layers of the teaching plan
  • Enables assessment of skills and concepts
  • Includes MCQs and long and short-answer type questions, based on the school’s needs
  • Support provided as per school’s academic calendar and assessment plan

Summative Assessment

  • Aligned to the National Boards (CBSE, ICSE and State Boards)
  • Question items created across MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, 
  • Match the Following and long and short answers
  • Questions tagged to cognitive and difficulty levels. MCQs further tagged to errors and misconceptions
  • Detailed report cards for every assessment cycle, covering all subjects, including co-scholastic reports

Student Report

  • Detailed analysis of each chapter based on difficulty and cognitive levels
  • Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • Analysis of relative performance through comparison with class average results
  • Detailed distracter analysis of MCQs
  • Analysis of errors and related misconceptions

Teacher and School Reports

  • Subject-wise performance reports at class and school levels
  • Comparison of performance across sections in a particular grade
  • Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • List of students who need support in specific subjects
  • Comparison of performance across terms at the school level

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