What is unique about MyPedia is its specially crafted set of coursebooks that use an interdisciplinary learning approach and a robust pedagogy designed to build life-long skills. These are supported by application books designed for multiple difficulty levels to nurture critical and creative thinking skills. In addition, MyPedia also comes with process-based teaching plans for teachers that help in their academic planning.


  • Interdisciplinary learning through chapters mapped to familiar themes 
  • Captivating elements like 'I Connect' and ‘I Wish I Knew' to keep learners engaged 
  • Reinforcing interdisciplinary learning through ‘l Link' 
  • Character building through ‘I Learn for Life' 
  • Formative assessments through ‘check points’

Application Books

  • Basic worksheets with recall and understanding-based questions
  • Intermediate worksheets with application-based questions
  • Intermediate worksheets with application-based questions• Advanced worksheets with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions to build critical thinking skills and connect learning to the real world
  • Three Application books for each subject for a decreased bag load

Teaching Plans

  •  Integrate coursebooks, worksheets, in-class digital content and assessments 
  • Each session designed in accordance with the 5i and 4e processes of learning
  • Help teachers in chalking out daily academic plans with ease
  • Includes learner-centric class activities
  • An activity-based project for every chapter

Academic Plans

Recommended Academic Plan (RAP) 

Separate RAPs for CBSE, ICSE and schools following 3 terms

RAP papers set according to the Board mandated standards

3 Sets of papers for each RAP: Easy, Medium and Difficult

First Term

Second Term

*Content varies for ICSE curriculum.

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