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The learning philosophy behind MyPedia

Process-based learning

MyPedia follows 5i model of learning process that is aligned with the learning cycle advocated for inquiry-based learning in classrooms. Teaching plans form the core of MyPedia curriculum, and each lesson plan has been designed keeping in mind these five phases, that make learning a meaningful and effective exercise for teachers and learners. These 5I's are Inception, Ideation, Inculcation, Inscription and Inquisition.

Interdisciplinary theme-based learning

Education research suggests that interdisciplinary learning help students understand connections between what they learn. This in turn equips learner with necessary skills needed to connect with the real world and solve problems in effective and efficient manner. MyPedia curriculum and content is presented with the help of seven themes across grades, developing specific skills at every level. MyPedia encourages learning beyond subject boundaries, so that the learners can make connections between different areas of learning.

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