Adaptive English Test Preparation

What is it?

  • Placement is an online, adaptive English test which takes up to 40 minutes. It helps the test takers understand their level of English proficiency.
  • Rapid results place students in the right level of an English study plan, getting them off to the best possible start of their English language journey.
  • Placement tests speaking, writing, listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Placement scores are provided on the CEFR (A1-C2) & GSE (10-90).
  • English language is tested in an Integrated way i.e. listening & writing, listening and speaking together which reflect real life circumstances.

Instant, accurate results, to place your students in the right English class - faster. 

We take care of Pearson English Placement test creation, marking and administration, so you can spend time getting to know your students instead of marking their test papers. 

Developed by the team who created PTE Academic - trusted by governments and universities around the world - Pearson English Placement delivers results you can trust. 


Detailed scores for speaking,
writing, reading, listening,
grammar and vocabulary 

We test your students' skills in speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary, so you can focus on what to improve as soon as they walk through the door. 

You and your students will receive an overall score from 10 - 90 on the Global Scale of English, as well as a Common European Framework (CEFR) score, Can-Do Descriptors and a skills profile, highlighting students' strengths and weaknesses. 

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A quality test with results you can trust 

Our placement test has been created using the same exacting standards as PTE Academic - trusted by governments and universities around the world. 

From our high-quality test design - featuring real-life English questions that reflect the classroom environment - to our expert team of question writers, Pearson English Placement delivers results you can trust. 

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