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  • Indians keen on short learning courses, tech and interpersonal skills for career growth: Pearson Skills Outlook report

    88% of workers in India, expect to continue learning and training throughout their career to stay relevant and attractive to employers, a new Pearson Skills Outlook report themed ‘Employee View’ has revealed.

    • As per the second edition of Pearson Skills Outlook report, while millennials and Gen X workers are optimistic about their career growth, 88% of Gen Z had to rethink their career paths, due to the uncertainty of the last three years
    • Learning English is emerging as a key language skill for employees to advance in their careers, according to 82% of Indians.
    •  Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Processing and Coding/Programming are the Top Skills that will be attractive for Indian employers in 5-10 years

    21st April 2023, New Delhi: 88% of workers in India, expect to continue learning and training throughout their career to stay relevant and attractive to employers, a new Pearson Skills Outlook report themed ‘Employee View’ has revealed. The report, second in the Skills Outlook series, highlights the shift in the attitude of the workforce towards upskilling, as they expect and explore learning and development, for their entire lifetime. A majority of the respondents who participated in the survey for the report, believe that learning a new language, specifically English, would help them advance in their careers.

    The report, which polled 4,000 people in four countries (US, UK, India, and Brazil) to see what skills they were prioritizing for their career development, illustrated that across markets, short courses, employer-sponsored training, and university degrees are seen as the most needed, to move up from current positions. This was seen to be true especially in India, with Certifications from professional organizations (34%) and from platforms (34%) being the top two types of education felt needed to advance their careers. This illustrates that employers offering certifications are also seen as more attractive to the working populace.

    Nearly 9-in-10 (88%) Indian workers expect to continue learning throughout their careers to stay up to date. More than half (75%) of Indian respondents stated that their employers offer skilling as a benefit, and of those workers offered the benefit, nearly 9-in-10 (92%) take advantage. Education Future Interest for workers across demographics shows a preference for Short Courses (80%), Language learning programs (83%), and Credentials / Badges (75%). Employers are therefore more likely to begin offering more courses as benefits in the workplace.

    Across all generations in the US, UK, and India, human skills such as decision-making and problem-solving dominate the top skills felt needed for career advancement and skills currently being developed. In India, technical skills like AI/ML, data processing, and coding are also priorities across age groups, specifically when considering skills of the future. When looking at top human skills of future interest, language skills rank top for Gen Z Indian workers. Improving English is emerging as a key skill for employees to advance in their careers, according to 85% of Indians.

    The report also found that while millennials and Gen X workers exhibited positive sentiments towards their current career growth, 88% of Gen Z had to rethink their career path due to the uncertainties of the last three years. Gen Z workers were also less likely to feel optimistic about the state of the job market compared to Millennials and more likely to be actively seeking a new job compared to Gen X.

    “Today, the success of any modern organization depends on the success of its workforce. However, there is a persistent skills gap across industries and markets which has a direct impact on productivity, business growth and innovation. With the proliferation of Internet and emergence of new technologies such as AI/ML and data science, the workforce has to not only learn new technical skills but also human skills, which will make their work more effective. The Skills Outlook Report, clearly brings out the fact that the Indian workers are well aware about their upskilling imperatives and are looking for trustworthy avenues of learning and development.

    At Pearson, it is our mission to fuel the learning journey of the workforce, by providing them access to online English language learning tools, short courses and digital certifications across a wide portfolio of courses ranging from high-tech to sports.” said Michael Howells, President, Workforce Skills, Pearson.

    Pearson’s Skills Outlook series provides vital insight into the immediate needs of the modern workforce, to help employers and employees stay current on upskilling trends and adapt to a tech-focused world. While the first Skills Outlook report examined the most in-demand skills from an employer’s perspective, this second study, Employee View, looks at skilling through an employee’s lens.

    About Pearson India:

    At Pearson, our purpose is simple: to add life to a lifetime of learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough. That’s why our 20,000 Pearson employees are committed to creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We are the world’s leading learning company, serving customers in nearly 200 countries with digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. For us, learning is not just, what we do. It is who we are. Visit us at

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    For more information, please contact: Bhavya Suri on

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  • 36 students recognized with Outstanding Pearson Learner Award in Chennai

    The pearson recently concluded its annual Edexcel awards ceremony ‘Outstanding Pearson learners Awards’ (OPLA) and Principal meet in Chennai.

    The awards felicitate learners worldwide (outside of the UK) who have taken Pearson Edexcel iPrimary, iLowerSecondary, International GCSE, GCSE, International AS/A level and A level examinations and have achieved outstanding results in a particular subject or in the world.

    • Over 60 partnering schools attended the event
    • 36 learners outshined & ranked No.1 in a particular subject
    • 3 India learners have secured the No.1 spot in the world

    Pearson Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding body, offering academic and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and workplaces in the UK and abroad. Since 2021, the Pearson Excellence Award recognises learners who achieved excellent results across multiple subjects. Every student receives a certificate of excellence presented by a senior leader from Pearson Education to symbolise this impressive milestone.

    Three learners have secured the number 1 ranking in the world for their academic performances in different subjects. Two students Aparna and Sasrika were the highest scorers in Math and English, Science respectively. Following the OPLA Awards, India hosted a Principal Meet where School Recognition Awards were given to school principals to acknowledge their dedication and support.

    Speaking of the OPLA initiative, Emma Whale, Vice President, International Sales & Marketing, Pearson School Qualifications, said, “It’s our great pleasure to be able to reward such incredible achievement in India – these learners, their schools and their families should take immense pride in achieving such stellar results. We are absolutely committed to supporting our growing base of Pearson Edexcel centres in the country, and it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to hear directly from so many principals in recent weeks. Our aim is continuously raise the bar what world class, authentic, future-ready assessment looks like, and so it is brilliant to get their feedback on initiatives such as our introduction of onscreen assessment, and the flexibility offered by modular qualifications, to name just two examples.”

    The OPLA awards and the principal meet is a result of Pearson’s commitment to encourage thousands of students / learners for a brighter and promising future and create a better learning environment.

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  • NSDCI And Pearson Partner to Aid Workforce Skills Enhancement in India

    New Delhi : National Skill Development Corporation International (NSDCI) and the world’s leading learning company, Pearson have entered a partnership to promote Pearson’s globally successful programs called Business Technology and Education Council (BTEC) among its education partners and affiliates in India. This collaboration has been initiated to catalyze the adoption of academic and vocational qualifications that are recognized by education ministries and employers globally.

    NSDC International will support Pearson to generate awareness about their BTEC programs within its ecosystem, further helping in increasing outreach through its Skilling Audience across 11,000+ Training Centers, 750 PMKK (Centers of Excellence) and 13,000+ Schools /Universities/academic institutes, across 700+ districts of India.

    Lauding the partnership, Dr. Maneesh Mishra, Executive Vice President-Strategy, NSDC, said, “In today’s dynamic business environment, the growth of our economy is dependent on students; therefore, skill-based training is essential. Our partnership with Pearson is more exciting given the success rate of the Business Technology and Education Council globally. Together, we will strengthen the learning provided in vocational courses. These courses will prepare them to apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that employers and universities will seek in the next generation. We are hopeful that the fusion of the university curriculum and vocational courses will offer the finest learning infrastructure for our leaders.”

    Speaking about the association, Jane Baker, Vice President, Workforce Skills at Pearson said “We are proud of the partnership between Pearson and NSDC International, which will support young learners to access globally recognized career focused TVET qualifications from Pearson. Together, we shall support thousands of learners to grow in their future.”

    She added, “India has a vast working demographic that is rapidly making its mark on the global stage. Pearson India works towards bridging the gap between industry demand and skilled talent supply by enabling this demographic to access opportunities to enhance workforce skills, to reskill and to upskill. Our BTEC courses are helping provide digital solutions for employee training and vocational skilling, particularly for in-demand careers. Alongside this, Pearson provides a digital platform for businesses to test candidates on their verified skills and facilitate better decision-making. Our partnership with NSDC International will help to further bridge these gaps while enhancing the caliber of India’s vibrant workforce”

    Pearson BTEC offers high-quality, career-focused programs that are co-created with industry and academia and are acknowledged by 100+ professional bodies globally. The Pearson BTEC qualifications are robust and highly relevant as they ensure seamless progression to a student’s undergraduate degree journey and into skill development. BTEC qualifications are developed in cooperation with the relevant Sector Skills Council of UK (SSC), ensuring they meet the needs of employers. BTEC courses, which started in the UK, are now taken in more than 50 countries by 1 million learners ranging from senior secondary education to Degree equivalent. They are vocational and work-related courses, designed to accommodate the needs of employers, further enhancing a student’s skills and knowledge to progress in their careers.

    BTEC offers a wide range of courses and career options across diverse fields such as Business, Engineering, Media, Art and Design, Health and Social Care, Digital Technology, Cloud Computing, IT, Hospitality among others.

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  • Pearson’s historical best seller— Marketing Management by Philip Kotler, launches its sixteenth edition; introduces bundle of marketing toolkits and strategies for New Age Marketers

        · Co-authored by Prof. Kevin Lane Keller, Prof. Alexander Chernev, Prof. Jagdish N. Sheth, Prof. G. Shainesh

        ·Illustrations around 12 Marketing Spotlights; 45 Indian case studies; concepts around new market     realities

    21 June, New Delhi – Pearson, world’s leading learning company launched its sixteenth edition of Marketing Management by Philip Kotler. The book is co-authored by coveted academicians Prof. Kevin Lane Keller, Prof. Alexander Chernev, Prof.  Jagdish N. Sheth and Prof. G. Shainesh. The Indian edition of the book is all set to offer enriched learning and pedagogy based on the new marketing realities, disruptions in the business models and evolved paradigms due to globalisation.

    Marketing Management by Philip Kotler is unrivalled, and has been pivotal for marketing specialists over the decades. The newly launched book is in line with the dynamic environment inhabited by today's marketers and offers a distinctive perspective for readers to understand the changing global marketplace and the impact of technology on making strategic marketing decisions. The book details insights and toolkits around 8Ps (Product Essentials), 7Ts (Tactics), 5 Cs (Customer centricity) and 4Fs (Market forces) which wraps around strategic shifts that marketers had traversed and navigated through the pandemic and amidst VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

    Responding to the changes in the post pandemic world influenced by technology, globalisation, physical environment and social responsibility—the book illustrates altered competitive landscape that businesses ought to revaluate for their operating models and adaptation towards creation of market value for the new environment. Co-authored by veteran academicians, the book lists down advances in data analytics, marketing automation, artificial intelligence—all of which is leading disrupted e-commerce and rise of newer marketplaces, giving audiences and customers variety of choices to interact with the brands.

    The book is available for all marketing enthusiasts on Amazon and is also available in a Kindle edition.

    About Marketing Management by Philip Kotler:

    Pearson’s all-time best seller “Marketing Management” by Philip Kotler is now in its 16th edition. The book is co-authored by noted academicians, Professor Kevin Lane Keller, Professor Alexander Chernev, Professor Jagdish N. Sheth and Professor G. Shainesh. This edition has been updated keeping in view the tremendous disruptions in the business models due to the ongoing globalization, increasing role of corporate social responsibility; technological advancement, growth in e-commerce, increasing digital communication, growing impact of social media, and the widespread use of data analytics, marketing automation, and artificial intelligence that have created way more opportunities for businesses.

    About Pearson:

    At Pearson, our purpose is simple: to add life to a lifetime of learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough. That’s why our c.20,000 Pearson employees are committed to creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We are the world’s leading learning company, serving customers in nearly 200 countries with digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. For us, learning isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are. Visit us at  

    For more information, please contact:

    Bhavya Suri, PR & Corporate Affairs, Pearson India & MENA-





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  • Majority of Indians expect schools and employers to step up on mental health issues, reports Pearson’s Global Learner Survey 2022

        ·55% strongly agree that their employers should do more to address mental health and well being

          ·64% say that technology has positively impacted their mental health, while 48% say that it has                    helped them in career progression


    National, June 07th 2022: As the Great Resignation continues to disrupt the global economy, Pearson, the world's leading learning company, today released its new public opinion research, showing that people around the world are prioritizing mental health and wellbeing when considering where to work.


    The survey was conducted by Morning Consult in April 2022, among a total sample of 5,008 respondents between the ages of 16 to 70 years old in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and China. With respect to India, findings show that Indians are seeking more empathy & understanding from their employers & want mental wellness to be a priority at workplaces. In fact, a recent study by World Economic Forum notes that conversations around mental health in India are gradually opening up and as the country starts thinking about the impact of education and access on this scenario, the Pearson Global Learner Survey (GLS) 2022 further puts a spotlight on this matter.


    55% of Indians want their employers to do more to address mental health and well-being by-


    · Providing free mental health services (72%)

        · Offering a set amount of paid mental health days off from work (59%)

        ·Sharing mental health resources with employees and expanding Employee Assistance Programme     (EAP) to improve mental health (68%)

        ·Enhancing mental health coverage in health insurance programs (62%)

        ·Hosting virtual or in-person discussions focused on mental health (63%)


    With technology coming forth as the biggest enabler in the past two years, 64% of Indians say that it has positively impacted their mental health-

           · 48% believe that technology has enabled them to progress in their careers. In the parents’ pool, India         ranks on top with 52% of parents saying technology positively impacts career progression.

            ·More than 44% of the general population of respondents said the use of technology had a very             positive impact on their ability to focus.

            ·45% of the general population and 53% of parents said that technology has very positively impacted         their work performance.

            ·40% of the general population and 47% of parents said that the use of technology has very positively         impacted their professional network.

    As stated by the company, “Work is where many of us spend much of our time. Employees are demanding more attention from employers to address the impact of the mental health crisis that has been exacerbated over the last two and a half years. As we emerge from the pandemic, and we get accustomed to new ways of working, organizations will need to be strategic and innovative in incorporating wellness and wellbeing into their offerings to stay competitive and serve their workforces."


    Among other findings of the survey:

        ·Indians record the highest percentage of respondents who use technology for calming down,     throughmeditation apps or therapeutic audio (24%), video games (60%), digital journaling (27%), and     task management and digital to-do-lists (32%).

        · 36% of the general population believe that the use of technology has very positively impacted their         financial stability.

        ·59% believe that education positively impacts their mental health.

    Now in its fourth year, Pearson's Global Learner Survey is the leading poll of learners on education issues in the world, offering a deeper understanding of trends in education and providing key data to help further discussions on many important issues. The interviews in this survey on mental health and wellness were conducted online. Results are representative of the online population with a margin of error of plus and minus three percentage points.

    About Pearson

    At Pearson, our purpose is simple: to add life to a lifetime of learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough. That’s why our c.20,000 Pearson employees are committed to creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We are the world’s leading learning company, serving customers in nearly 200 countries with digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. For us, learning isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are. Visit us at

    For more information, please contact: Bhavya Suri, PR & Corporate Affairs, Pearson India & MENA-

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  • NEP a game-changer for India’s Higher Education sector: UKBIC-Pearson India white paper

    11 May, New Delhi/Bangalore: Pearson, the world’s leading learning company and the UK India Business Council (UKIBC) have collaboratively released a white paper titled ‘Supporting India’s Higher Education Sector Transformation’. The paper identifies key opportunities and growth areas for Higher Education in the country, asserting that the National Education Policy (NEP) will be a potential game-changer for students and higher education institutions alike. Core to India’s higher education reforms, the NEP seeks to widen access to high quality education in India, formalise and enlarge technical and vocational training (TVET), and promote global mobility.

    According to the white paper, India would benefit greatly from growth of TVET in the country, to better prepare learners for future work by equipping them with relevant employability skills. A key NEP objective is to increase TVET enrolments in partnership with industry and NGOs.

    A study cited in the paper by the International Labor Organization (ILO) found that India is staring at a skill deficit of 29 million by 2030. Online education and vocational training, both identified as priority areas in the NEP, will play an extensive role in bridging this divide.

    The paper’s release comes on the back of recent approval by the University Grants Commission for Indian universities to partner with foreign universities to deliver Dual, Joint and Twinning Degree Programmes. This will enable students to transition between India and other countries, unlock new opportunities, and create wide ranging cross-border linkages that go well beyond the Higher Education sector.

    Sharing his thoughts on the launch of the white paper, Siddharth Banerjee, Managing Director, Pearson India & Asia said, “As a key stakeholder in India’s Higher Ed sector, it is crucial for us to understand how the space will evolve in the future. Our collaboration with UKIBC was a step in this direction. It is becoming increasingly critical to integrate 21st-century skills as part of early learning. Building a strong foundation will help young learners in their preparation for the world. Pearson India is aligned with the momentum of holistic learning and is constantly generating value to the same by creating a continuum between skills and education.”

    Key insights from the white paper report:

        • There is a need to create a continuum between 21st century Skills and Education to bridge employer demand and help students to succeed

        • Enabling partnerships and collaborations between Indian and International Universities can be achieved through mutual recognition of qualifications and promoting multicultural conversations

        • The importance of Collaborative-OnlineInternational-Learning will grow, as it is a huge resource that widens education access to students

        • Increase emphasis on technology and scalability in the domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and genomic studies.

    Kevin McCole, Managing Director, UKIBC/John Mountford, Associate Director, UKIBC said, “Working with Pearson on this critical research in the Higher Education space in India and the role of NEP was an insightful journey. In India, and across the world, online learning and blended delivery models are becoming increasingly important in improving access to Higher Education. At the same time, it is clear that the skills that students need for the 21st century workplace are changing, and technical and vocational training has a key role in equipping students with the skills demanded by employers. We commend the Government of India on its forward thinking approach through the National Education Policy and will work closely with Indian and UK stakeholders to draw insights from the policy’s implementation and maximise its positive impact.”

    The utilisation of online learning is becoming increasingly recognized as an important opportunity to promote access to Higher Education. This prioritization is also reflected in the National Education Policy’s recommendations for online learning development, including investing in digital infrastructure and focusing on blended learning models. With the country at the cusp of tremendous digital transformation, Pearson is helping learners build new, innovative skills by delivering a wide range of digital-first solutions, quality, authentic & credible content, courseware, world-class assessments, and qualifications.

    *** About Pearson

    At Pearson, our purpose is simple: to add life to a lifetime of learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough. That’s why our c.20,000 Pearson employees are committed to creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We are the world’s leading learning company, serving customers in nearly 200 countries with digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. For us, learning isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are. Visit us at

    About UKIBC

    The UK India Business Council is a strategic advisory and policy advocacy organisation with a mission to support businesses with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, and facilities needed to succeed in the UK and India. We believe passionately that the UK-India partnership creates jobs and growth in both countries, and that UK and Indian businesses have ideas, technology, services and products that can succeed in India and the UK respectively.

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  • Pearson amps up its consumer marketing as part of the India growth strategy

    April XX, New Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru: Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, has recently been making several strides in the Education ecosystem by rapidly introducing new products and creating meaningful partnerships to better connect with 21st century learners. India, being the key focus market for the company, has witnessed the launch of innovative products like Pearson Digital Library in the last few months and now, to further increase its growth momentum, Pearson is amping up its consumer marketing efforts to build a stronger, deeper connect with customers and drive higher brand resonance.

    Pearson India today unveiled its first and all new digital brand film on the core theme of Preparation. By bringing on youth icon Vicky Kaushal as the Brand Ambassador, the aim is to strike a chord and resonate with the spirit of students across the country. The company is working with other influencers as well to undertake a thematic storytelling approach and drive intent among the target audience at a deeper level. Top national and regional celebrities, Sports Icons, and key personalities in the education ecosystem will form an important network of influencers for the forthcoming brand films and driving home the message of Good Preparation being the key to great results in future.

    Siddharth Banerjee, Managing Director- India & Asia, Pearson said, “Today, Pearson is in the middle of significant business transformation with a vision to become a digital first, direct-to-consumer brand and build a holistic education ecosystem in India. As we evolve our growth strategy to further sharpen our focus as a consumer-centric company, we want to build more meaningful and personal brand relationships with our audiences. We are working to ensure that consumers are at the heart of everything we do. Whether they’re aiming for higher studies or better careers in the future, we know that Indian learners today demand a world-class learning experience to accelerate their career pathways. Therefore, through our rich, credible, and personalized content, we are fueling their dreams and helping them #PrepareWell at every learning touchpoint throughout their lives.”

    The brand film, conceptualized by the creative agency Bang In the Middle (BITM), talks about how digital learning solutions and content have made the process of preparation convenient and more accessible for everyone, thus highlighting the importance of partners like Pearson who can provide a strong support to learners throughout this process.

    Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Prathap Suthan - Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer, Bang In The Middle said: "It’s been a wonderful experience to be working with Pearson on this campaign. Through this exciting Brand film, we have tried to ensure that we create a communication which diffuses the hyperbole on the prevalent Education advertising, and keep it to a warm, believable, and genuine space, despite Vicky’s celebrity presence. The preparation and studying process that precedes the challenges of any exam is a sombre and a very personal experience. Yet the most important and unspoken part of getting ready - like the prepping that precedes an actor’s training for a specific role or shoot remains in the shadows. Our attempt has been to quietly bring out the proven and globally recognised legacy of Pearson’s expertise, to complement the preparation rigmarole of India’s students. Minus any loud gimmickry."

    The first film is digitally available on Social Media and has been released in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages besides Hindi. Watch the latest social media campaign here: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (all to be hyperlinked individually

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