Studying abroad? Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind!

With thousands of universities across the globe offering overseas students a chance at personal, academic and professional growth, it is no wonder that many students aspire to study abroad. However, due to the high cost of gaining such an education, it is extremely important conduct thorough re-search before choosing a university. Let’s look at some of the factors that should be kept in mind before applying abroad:

  1. Your budget:  Studying abroad can be expensive. Thus, it is crucial to know how much you are willing to spend and set a budget for the same. The key thing to keep in mind here is that expense does not always translate into quality and quality does not always mean an Ivy League University.  One can get quality foreign education at prices that suit you and your parent’s budget at a lesser known college.                                                                      
  2. Availability of scholarships: Many universities offer international scholar-ships to students depending on multiple factors such as financial situation, academics and more. It is worth looking into them in order to ease the finan-cial burden of studying abroad.                                    
  3. Speak to other students: Once you have decided on the college or university you wish to attend, reach out to the students who have already studied or are studying in that institution. Many colleges offer online forums so that those who wish to study there can interact with the alumni and current stu-dents to get a fair idea about the institute and make a decision. This can also help in allaying any fears or queries related to studying abroad.                                                                   
  4. Required documents: Research the documents and paperwork required at your desired university and keep them in one place. Almost every country requires students to undertake an English proficiency test like PTE Academic. So, one needs to practice and sit for the same. Do keep in mind that some countries would require you to undertake a medical check-up. Knowing what is required of you and having a good knowledge of the steps involved the application process smoother.                                                                                                       
  5. Consult your bank: It is always wise to inform your bank about your potential temporary migration to prevent them from freezing your debit or credit card accidentally. While your international cards may hold good for the first few days, one should open a local bank account upon arrival for easier transac-tions.           

Exposure to new cultures, new methods of learning and a sense of inde-pendence are some of the reasons why studying abroad is a good idea. Keeping these factors in mind can  help you choose the right college as per your educational needs, while reducing  stress and the hassle that follows.

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