Test Tip: On test day, do not leave anything to chance

Your Test Day Checklist

We understand that taking PTE Academic can be a stressful experience for many test takers. One way of reducing the stress and performing at your best is to plan ahead for test day so that you leave nothing to chance.

Check that you are ready with this interactive checklist. Watch the video below to learn about the full test day experience.

Before you leave home

  1. Plan your journey to the test center
  2. Check the test center address – it’s on your confirmation email and in your account
  3. Pack the correct ID. Usually, your passport, and it must exactly match the details entered when booking your test. Without this, you will not be able to test. Learn about the ID requirements
  4. Turn up 30 minutes early to complete the sign-in procedures. If you can not make your existing booking you may be able to reschedule your test. Note fees may apply.

 Before your test

  1. Learn about the sign in procedures
  2. Understand the security procedures

During your test

  1. Start your test
  2. Wear your headphones correctly
  3. Get help from the test administrator
  4. Take a break or end your test

After your test

  1. Check your scores online. 87% of results are in 2 working days, with most typically available within 5 business days. Learn how
  2. Don’t forget you will need to assign your PTE Academic scores to your chosen institutions. Learn how

Good luck with your test!

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PTE Academic - On test day
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