Why is Time Management Important in the PTE Academic Test for Scoring High?

PTE Academic is a globally recognized English language proficiency test that opens doors for millions of students who desire to study or work abroad. To get into renowned institutions all over the world students need to achieve the scores desired by the universities and colleges. One of the most significant aspects of obtaining a high score in PTE is Time Management. 

Following are the importance of Time management in the PTE Academic test:

Reduces the stress:

Managing stress and keeping composure becomes a difficult task while giving a limited time exam. But when you have a clear idea of which sections to do in a predetermined time frame, you automatically reduce the stress as a result. With effective time management the 180-minute test can be covered efficiently. The Speaking section has 5 tasks in 27 – 43 minutes, writing section has 2 tasks in 50 – 60 minutes, reading section has 5 tasks in 32 – 40 minutes, and the listening section has 8 tasks in 45 – 57 minutes.

Boosts your confidence:

When you have a set time frame to answer questions, you manage your time efficiently and successfully to meet the deadline. Time management gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence in your abilities.

Gets more done in less time:

One of the great significances of time management is that it allows you to be more productive by allocating the time categorically. As a result, you get more done in less time, which gives you time to review and make changes if necessary. For that you need to practice the same in advance as practice is the key factor in successful time management. 

Improves performance:

Having done time allocation before the test helps you to avoid making last-minute decisions and save time. You don't feel pressed for time and hastily choose whichever option feels correct. Time management helps you attain tasks at a high-efficiency level. As a result, it improves performance and helps in scoring high. 

As you already know along with Time management the key to success is  Practice, Practice & Practice.

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